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Web site Helps Active and Retired Law Enforcement Officers Connect

Chatsworth, Calif.— , the creator of the largest online military heritage community, announced the launch of its next chapter in connecting and honoring U.S. public servants: a secure, feature-rich Web site for the U.S. state and municipal police community called (PTWS).

Administered by retired police officers for police officers, PTWS is a secure space for currently serving and veteran officers to connect with their service brothers and sisters, share in the camaraderie of fellow officers, network for professional and social purposes and create a permanent legacy of their service for their family and future generations. The site is 100% exclusive to U.S. officers—only those who have served as a sworn police or federal officer, county sheriff or state trooper are eligible for PTWS membership. Among the site's biggest endorsers is Martin Renkiewicz, former Director of INTERPOL, the world's largest international police organization, and now Director of Recruiting and Staffing for Justice Services International (JSI).

As with, PTWS members can create a detailed "Shadow Box" page with a permanent record of their service, including memories of people and events and photographs spanning an entire career.

In addition to creating a service history, officers can find and connect with former colleagues. Members who post the agencies, departments, and timeframe in which they served will be presented with an instant listing of other PTWS members whom they may know. Members can communicate with each other via instant messaging and discussion boards spanning every interest and professional specialty. PTWS boards, including a soon-to-be-announced Police Knowledge Center, are a space for officers across the country to share information, advice, and connect in a police-only environment, not available on Facebook and other social networking websites. With more than 43,000 departments and 20,000 police patches already represented on the site, PTWS is the most comprehensive U.S. law enforcement online database available.

Current or former officers who would like to join PTWS can request an invitation at or contact Denise Kincaid at or (888) 398-3262.

Intrado Launches Co-location and Transport Service

Longmont, Colo.—Intrado Inc., a subsidiary of West Corp. and a leading provider of 9-1-1 technology solutions, announced the introduction of its new Intrado Co-location and Transport cloud service (I-CAT).

I-CAT is a reliable and secure cloud-based service for partners in the Intrado A9-1-1 Alliance Member Program and companies focused on solutions for public safety agencies in the United States. I-CAT delivers co-location, hosting and secure, private network transport services in one affordable, convenient package designed specifically for the stringent requirements of public safety.

For more than three decades Intrado has helped define and evolve the nation’s 9-1-1 network and each year supports the delivery of over 260 million calls to 9-1-1 centers across North America. The company’s emergency communications services, robust network, data centers, solutions and experienced public safety experts have enabled Intrado to leverage its expertise and offer a unique cloud-based service to its partners.

The I-CAT cloud service provides a unique opportunity for Intrado’s partners to offer their solutions to public safety agencies via a secure and robust cloud-based platform. Some of the key I-CAT benefits include that it’s exclusively for qualified public safety applications and services; the National Incident Management System (NIMS) incident handling discipline is applied to incidents and planned events, including system upgrades; the SteadyLink™ on-network PSAP connectivity provides secure, redundant, public-safety-grade communications; the minimal capital investment and increased economies of scale; and it has geographic and energy diversity. 3

LEMIT Targets Program for Officers in Crisis

Huntville, Texas—To help officers affected by critical incidents in the field, such as colleagues who are injured or killed, officer-involved shootings, suicides, accident scenes, or wildfires, the Law Enforcement Institute of Texas will launch in the fall of 2012 The Texas Law Enforcement Assistance Program (TX LEAP).

The program will be open to law enforcement officers and their spouses who have difficulty coping with the aftermath of a critical incident. "We want them to get the help they need," said Dr. Rita Watkins, Executive Director of LEMIT. "We see them leave the job or turn to alcohol or drugs."

The project will be patterned after The Post Critical Incident Seminar offered by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Assistance Program, a free, three-day program which provides safe and effective methods to train officers how to deal with critical incident stress.

The program includes peer counseling by officers who have been through similar experiences. Four Texas officers, who have participated in the South Carolina Program, will serve as peer counselors for LEMIT. In addition to small and large group discussions and personal experiences, the program includes lectures on the phases of emotional recovery; law enforcement relationship; cops, doctors, and medicines; fear and coping; and the search for meaning. It also offers a comprehensive, integrative psychotherapy approach called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, which helps to resolve the trauma caused by the event.

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2011

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