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CODY's C.tac 5 Broadens Search Capabilities

Data is omnipresent in today’s society. Law enforcement officers and first responders need information that is actionable and accurate to successfully manage the situations they are facing. CODY Systems’ latest comprehensive product allows officers one-stop searching to obtain the information they need. CODY’s C.tac 5 is a .NET, browser-based client that is arming law enforcement agents with instant mobile and in-house access to real-time RMS information (including pictures) from across jurisdictions, regardless of RMS vendor. This tool allows for one-stop searching of information across agencies and jurisdictions, no matter what RMS database each agency uses. This .NET rich client also allows small agencies to have the tools larger agencies possess by just being able to hook into a high-speed Internet connection.

With C.tac 5, officers and other law enforcement agents can rely on one-stop search results in a secure Web environment, both at the desktop and on the street, from across all connected agency RMS databases, as well as other data sources and foreign search engines, such as NCIC and other federal and state databases such as NDEX. With one simple query, a C.tac 5 user can search every connected agency’s RMS data and beyond.

Traditionally, searching these various sources required an officer to individually search each of the various agencies’ RMS databases, NCIC, state warrants, sex offender registries, multi-biometric and facial recognition databases and other relevant sources. With C.tac 5, all of this is done with one simple search. In addition, information in the RMS databases is refreshed up to the second, so law enforcement agents know the information is current, not hours or days old.

C.tac 5 is natively Cloud-ready, designed to work either in a hosted environment or on-premise at an agency or consortium location. “It runs anywhere because it is cloud-ready,” Dave Heffner, Vice President, CODY Systems, said. The search app is a fully browser-based .NET rich Web application and is secure at the highest state and federal standards, with FIPS 140-2 application data encryption. All users need is a wireless or wired Internet connection to take advantage of C.tac. C.tac 5 can take advantage of CODY’s upcoming hosted Private Government Cloud offering, a third-party Private Government Cloud, or can reside and be deployed on-premise at a law enforcement agency, county/state data center or other agency consortium. In the past, Dave Heffner said most apps required a VPN connection to be secure. Since C.tac 5 is working or deploying over a secure Internet cloud, it has the “full encryption” capabilities.

According to Heffner, CODY did pre-release testing of C.tac 5 internally and with clients. C.tac 5 is the latest in a growing suite of applications that make up CODY’s market-proven C.O.B.R.A. Real-time Tactical Information Sharing Platform. C.O.B.R.A. is specifically designed to work with disparate RMS vendor systems, rather than require every agency in a county/region to overhaul all their databases into a common RMS. This has been essential to the officer safety mission of C.O.B.R.A. – to encourage the retention of the RMS vendors’ systems currently in place at agencies by creating encrypted and secure links between each database that C.O.B.R.A. shares with an RMS vendor and the C.O.B.R.A. network. This reduces cost for the agencies as well as officer training time.

Already deployed at over 200 sites nationwide, including large county and state-wide installations, C.O.B.R.A.’s unique real-time translation and synchronization approach provides numerous benefits, including natively enhanced disaster mitigation and recovery that can enable connected agencies to restore lost RMS information quickly and efficiently in the event of a natural or other type of disaster.

“Officers leave the station daily with traditional tools needed to protect and serve themselves, their partners and their communities, but traditional tools aren’t the only defense available today. Real-time information-sharing is the most powerful tool we can supply these officers with and becomes their best protection,” said Fran Heffner, CEO of CODY Systems. “C.tac 5 is cloud-ready, fast, user-friendly and efficient; it takes in data but it provides information. It is going to revolutionize the public-safety software market in a way no other product to date has. Officers are going to be able to react faster and respond smarter with the information that C.tac 5 provides at their fingertips.”

Another benefit is the ability to search for a suspect and also see if another officer at different agency has searched for that person. This allows for collaboration between agencies for true data sharing. For example, if a woman gets married and changes her name, every time she is involved in a new incident, a “description alert” notifies the C.tac 5 users in real time.

“Our department has been a client of CODY for many years now and their system has allowed our officers to be more agile, better equipped, safer and more efficient in serving our community,” said Chief Stephen White of the Doylestown Township, Penn., Police. “We’re excited about C.tac 5 and its ease of use and other features that enable officers to zero in on the information they’ve received and affect a favorable resolution to the incidents and situations they deal with on a daily basis. There’s a saying in law enforcement that nothing is routine, but C.tac 5 allows officers to remain vigilant and smart, coming out on the winning side when facing a dangerous situation. Instantaneous access to real-time information from across an entire region is the best protection an officer or other law enforcement agent in the field can have, and that is precisely what C.tac 5 provides.”

To see CODY’s C.tac 5 in action, check out

Published in Public Safety IT, Jan/Feb 2012

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