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Cassidian Communications Announces Geo-Diverse 9-1-1 Call Processing Solution

Temecula, Calif.—Cassidian Communications, an EADS North America company, together with channel partner Verizon Business Solutions, has successfully upgraded the 9-1-1 call processing solution at the Newport News, Va., Police Department Communications Division. The upgraded Sentinel® Patriot® 9-1-1 call processing system is the first geo-diverse emergency call processing solution in the Tidewater Region. In addition to upgrading the primary 9-1-1 call center,

Cassidian Communications completed an equipment upgrade at a remote facility with 10 call taking positions, adding additional redundancy and back-up capabilities in the event of a natural disaster, mass emergency or power outage at the main facility. Newport News also upgraded to the Aurora® management information system (MIS), a tool that enhances the user’s ability to gather, organize, data-mine and report on call center metrics, increasing efficiencies in staffing and information management. A comprehensive suite of Managed Services is providing Newport News with around-the-clock direct and secure connectivity to the Cassidian Communications Service Management Center, ensuring the integrity and reliability of its solutions.

Manchester Police Department Announces Deployment of Ping4 Smartphone App

Manchester, N.H. —The Manchester, N.H. Police Department announced at a press conference held in conjunction with Governor Lynch’s Office that they are offering citizens the opportunity to download Ping4’s free Citizens Alerts App on their smartphones. Citizens Alerts instantly alert users about natural disasters, dangerous storm situations, missing persons, traffic situations, terrorist attacks, and local crimes in progress.

Ping4Alerts enables law enforcement and other public safety officials to send immediate, localized warnings that find subscribers’ smartphones wherever they may be at any given moment in time and help steer clear of danger and find help. This also marks the New Hampshire launch of Ping4 and its Citizens Alerts app, a “first in the nation” statewide effort to combat crime and protect citizens through Ping4’s hyper-local, geo-based mobile communications initiative.

Pryme Launches Rugged Products

Brea, Calif.—Among Pryme’s latest innovations are their RINO® Super Rugged Cables. Data shows that 90 percent of equipment failures are due to cable breakages. Typically used cables will fail after as little as 20,000 bends, leaving your mic unusable. Now Pryme’s new RINO® Super Rugged Cable can withstand as much as 200,000 bends.

Pryme also designed the HYDRA® Radio Connector to be slimmer and less bulky, but with a larger knob for easy on and off. Pryme also upgraded their original Trooper® Mic by developing two new models—the Trooper II® Weatherized Speaker Microphone for industrial use is better sealed to prevent dust and moisture from getting in; and the Storm Trooper®, their new speaker microphone, is fully submersible, meets all IP 67 standards, and has a handy Hi/Low volume switch. Both feature a noise-canceling microphone, which is imperative in almost any situation.

Solacom Solution Provides First Hosted Multi-County Regional 9-1-1 System in Florida

Chicago, Ill.—Solacom Technologies has deployed a Guardian system to provide hosted services to four public safety answering points (PSAPs) in the Florida counties of Gulf, Franklin and Calhoun. The hosted system minimizes the amount of equipment required at each PSAP and provides a cost-effective path to transition from TDM technology and T1 lines, to the newer Internet Protocol that will form the basis of next-generation 9-1-1 services.

The fault tolerant system, installed at a central office in Gulf County, is configured for autonomous operation of the four PSAP tenants. Although the PSAPs share the common back room equipment at the central office, each site is unique and able to determine how calls to their agency are routed and handled under normal circumstances and backup scenarios.

Management reports, also unique to each PSAP, are hosted at the central office and can be securely accessed by the agencies at any time. Advanced, selective call routing over the new regional network is performed by a Solacom ESRP (Emergency Services Routing Proxy) that converts legacy circuit switched lines and devices to digital interfaces that use Session Initiation Protocol for routing over an emergency services IP network (ESInet). The new network, including the Guardian workstations, is designed to migrate to a fully i3 compliant system as the NENA next generation 9-1-1 standards are implemented by the public safety industry.

Raytheon to Showcase Public Safety Technologies at New California Research Facility

Downey, Calif.—Raytheon Company dedicated one of the largest public safety technology and research centers in Southern California. It will house actual, hands-on solutions that public safety agencies can use to significantly improve day-to-day operations and their responses to major incidents. The Public Safety Regional Technology Center (RTC) is located in Downey, near Los Angeles.

Some of the technologies include: Regional communications: Vendor-neutral communications networks that let first responders connect their existing systems with the latest technologies in both Land Mobile Radios and Long-Term Evolution 4G broadband solutions. Boomerang: A military combat-proven shooter detection system that helps law enforcement immediately locate the source of firearms being discharged. Controlled Impact Rescue Tool: Search-and-rescue tool capable of cutting through a reinforced concrete wall up to four times faster than with traditional methods such as drilling, chipping or sawing.

Kenwood Broadens NEXEDGE® Digital Product Line

Suwanee, Ga. – Kenwood’s new NEXEDGE IP Dispatch console is designed to be a pure end-to-end IP communications system for NEXEDGE trunked repeaters, with the highest levels of scalability and usability in multiple configurations to match the full range of NEXEDGE features and can accommodate 50+ positions and 200+ lines. In addition, Kenwood’s new KMC-51M/52W noise-cancelling speaker microphones are designed to work in the high noise of emergency and heavy industrial environments.

The microphones feature DSP signal analysis for intelligent adaption to extreme noise at varying levels and is designed to work with Kenwood NEXEDGE digital radios. NEXEDGE System firmware Version 2.8 enhances the GPS/AVL utility, the KGP-149RM Repeater Monitor Software enables continuous monitoring of repeaters on an NXDN® trunked or conventional IP network and the new NEXEDGE NX-200S/300S non-LCD platform portables, NXR-700E/800E 25 Watt Repeaters and NEXEDGE 900 MHz products are among the latest developments in the digital NEXEDGE lineup from Kenwood.

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