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Aimpoint Pro... The Patrol Rifle Optic

With many agencies unable to purchase newer and more advanced carbines for their officer due to budgetary constraints, many departments are allowing their officers to carry “departmental approved – privately purchased” patrol rifles.

As long as a valid training and qualification program is instituted there is no increased liability for the agency.

The problem then becomes how can an officer arm himself with a quality carbine and accessories when cash is limited? I’ve seen officers purchase cheap equipment trying to make it work only to have the rifle, sights, lights or other accoutrement take a dump and fail them at the worst possible time.

Fortunately the price of a quality red dot optic has just been reduced by Aimpoint with the introduction of their PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic). Stout in quality but with a $400 MSRP, the PRO is half of the standard top-of-the-line collimator or holographic sights. That means the PRO has everything the street cop needs on his patrol rifle.

The PRO comes complete with a high quality QRP2 mount, and a good after market mount itself costs over $100. The PRO has a 30mm tube diameter, is 5.1 inches in length and weighs in at 7.8 ounces. The total weight including mount and spacer is 11.1 ounces.

The PRO is powered by one 3 volt lithium 2L76 or DL1/3N battery. Like other Aimpoint products this battery lasts up to three years if left on full-time! With six settings for daylight and four night vision capable settings, the PRO is not limited to just one setting as so many other cheaper red dots are.

Sporting protective lens covers from the factory, the PRO even includes a spacer so that you can raise or lower the sight to get the necessary co-witnessing for back-up sights that are mandatory.

The sight was a breeze to set-up and sight in. I just removed the carrying handle of the Sig M400 I was using and attached the PRO which has one large knob affixing it to the Picatinny rail system of the receiver. I have come to favor a 50 yard zero for my carbines and conduct an initial zeroing procedure at 25 yards. At 25 yards, I sight them in for one inch low. This usually equals out to on-target at 50 yards. Sight adjustments were easy to make with the PRO designed for ½ MOA adjustments: 1/4 inch at 50 yards and 1/8 inch at 25 yards.

Once sighted-in, I ran the PRO on my usual shooting drills from 5 feet back to 50 yards. Shooting on the move – forward and while backing up, in slower “search” speed as well as “raid” and “hostage rescue” speeds. Moving laterally off the attack line as well as 90 and 180 degree facing movements put all the rounds where I wanted with the collimator sight staying put on top and not loosening.

If there is some negative about this sight, after quite a bit of shooting with it, I can’t find it. The Aimpoint PRO is rugged and robust, has good optics, and adjustable brightness levels. It is night vision compatible, has great battery life, a solid mount and flip-up lens caps. And all this at a great price-point.

Red dots simplify the sighting process and get hits on target quicker than conventional iron sights and have proved themselves with all of our armed services as well as the mean streets of America. The Patrol Rifle Optic from Aimpoint won’t prevent bad things from happening but it will just give you an advantage in making them stop or go away.

Kevin Davis is a 28-year law enforcement veteran currently assigned to the training bureau. Previous assignments include patrol, narcotics and SWAT where he was a team leader and lead instructor. Davis welcomes feedback at, or visit his Web site at

Published in Tactical Response, Jan/Feb 2012

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