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Cisco Updates Mobile Ready Net Portfolio 5900 Series Embedded Services Routers

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Cisco(r) announced enhancements to its 5900 Series Embedded Services Routers (ESR) product line, including the 5940 ESR and 5915 ESR, to bring improved performance and added features to the ruggedized routers. The Cisco 5900 Series ESRs are the next generation of mobile and embedded networking, adding flexibility for industrial, commercial, military, homeland security and emergency response applications in even the harshest environments. The product line incorporates Cisco IOS(r) Software with Cisco Mobile Ready Net capabilities to provide highly secure data, voice and video communications to stationary and mobile network nodes across both wired and wireless links. When combined with UHF, VHF, Wi-Fi and other radio platforms, these routers enable transparent roaming over multiple wireless networks, without requiring a connection to the central infrastructure. The Cisco 5900 Series ESRs extend router functionality with security, link optimization and collaboration in one compact form factor.

Setcom Releases First Fire Wireless Headset with Direct Cell Phone Integration

AUSTIN, Texas - Setcom(r) Corporation released the latest innovation in public safety vehicle and fire ground communications. This advance allows the Liberator wireless headset to directly connect to most Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. With the simple touch of a button, the Liberator headset connects to a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. It is easy to use and allows numerous ways for public safety personnel to communicate. The Liberator headset now becomes a command center on your head. Users can connect to: up to three mobile radios; a portable radio; a cell phone; apparatus intercom system; entertainment audio source plugged into System 900 intercom or System 1300 intercom.
        The applications of this newest technology include: Interfacing a cell phone into a Battalion Chief's vehicle command post communication system; Allowing paramedics to easily speak over the phone with doctors while en route to the hospital; Adding cell phone capabilities to a mobile command center intercom system; Communicating with non-traditional information sources while on the fire ground.

TeleCommunication Systems Extends 9-1-1 Support to NG VoLTE Networks

NEW ORLEANS, La. TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. announced the availability of TCS VoLTE (Voice over LTE) 9-1-1, enabling carriers to reliably deliver emergency voice communication services as they transition to new 4G/LTE networks. Network operators are embracing next-generation network technologies to provide improved service for subscribers. As services evolve and the public embraces LTE, carriers must meet Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandates to ensure that 9-1-1 services reliably support public safety requirements without interruption. TCS is an active participant and lead contributor in LTE standards as they relate to 9-1-1 technology. Built upon the single largest VoIP emergency call processing platform in the nation, the TCS VoLTE 9-1-1 solution is cost-effective, highly flexible, customizable and standards-based.

Guidance Software Announces High-Speed Tableau Forensic Duplicator

PASADENA, Calif. - Guidance Software Inc. announced the Tableau TD2 Forensic 1:2 Duplicator, now with "twinning" capabilities and faster imaging for standalone forensic acquisitions in both field and lab settings.
        The TD2 supports either cloning or imaging of SATA and IDE hard-drives at drive-limited speeds up to 145 MB/second (~ 9GB/min) and investigations can now include USB, SCSI and SAS suspect drives. The TD2 also features twinning support for 1:2 drive duplication. The TD2 is built for easy, reliable forensic imaging and is packaged in a compact and durable package for convenience in field investigations.
        Additional features include format, wipe, hash (MD5 or SHA-1), HPA / DCO detection and removal, and blank disk check. The TD2 can write out in raw DD, EnCase .e01 (compressed) and is field-upgradable to EnCase v7.ex01 (AES encrypted). As with all Tableau forensic products, the TD2 is firmware upgradeable through the Tableau Firmware Update (TFU) utility. For more information, visit

Streamlight Flashlight to Benefit Breast Cancer Research Foundation

EAGLEVILLE, Penn. - Streamlight(r), Inc. introduced a pink version of its Strion(r) LED tactical flashlight. The pink model is the first rechargeable product in the company's growing line of "pink" flashlight products designed to raise money to fight breast cancer. Streamlight will donate $5.00 from the sale of each pink Strion LED to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), a not-for-profit organization with a mission to achieve prevention and a cure for breast cancer. To date, Streamlight has donated nearly $230,000 to BCRF from sales proceeds of its pink flashlight products, including pink versions of its Nano Light(r) and 2AA ProPolymer(r).
        The lightweight, aluminum Strion LED has a 50,000-hour lifetime C4(r) LED for extreme brightness. It offers three variable light intensity modes and a strobe function.

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