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Tactical Electronics' Inspection Tools

        From initial concept to finished product, Tactical Electronics (TE) provides in house development, prototyping, and manufacturing of elite tactical solutions using new and emerging technologies to give their clients the leverage they need to succeed in real-world challenges. TE's mission is to "protect those who protect us."
        This goal is accomplished through advanced engineering, manufacturing and EOD training. Their success comes from strong relationships with their customers who are supported by dedicated personnel and a humble attitude in a collaborative working environment. TE's Wireless Inspection Tools aid law enforcement, military and first responders in accomplishing their missions. Here is a quick review!

Long Pole Search System (LPSS3)

        The Long Pole Search System provides wireless video surveillance and observation of subjects at significant heights and distances. It features a 20-foot collapsible extension pole, flexible neck camera head surrounded by eight IR LEDs, and an internal DVR for video recording.
        These features provide operators with covert wireless vision while remaining behind cover. Additional features include: live wireless transmission; light sensitive camera; weighs under 4 pounds; 16 hours of video recording capacity; post operation review; and push/turn pole connection.
        The LPSS3 Black/White camera head has 420 lines of resolution with a 0.2 lux low-light performance CCD. Eight IR LEDs surround the camera lens providing enhanced viewing in low-ambient light environments. The camera head is attached to a flexible neck to ensure proper viewing orientation at all times.
        This kit includes: one black telescoping long pole; one pole camera transmitter; one black-and-white camera head with eight IR LEDs; one color camera head; one monitoring option (handheld or wrist-mounted); one soft-sided carry bag; and one 16GB SD card. Optional accessories include a thermal imaging camera kit.

Pole Camera Search System (PCSS1)

        The Tactical Electronics Pole Camera provides wireless video surveillance and observation of subjects around corners and barriers. The multiple 'quick-change' extensions, flexible rotating camera heads, and innovative wireless technology make it an ideal system for tactical operators.
        Features include: wireless video transmission; collapsed length of 23 inches; extended length of 80 inches; quick-change extension length (20 inches); quick change extension weight (0.6 pounds); rotating camera heads; 10 IR LEDS on B/W camera; weighs less than 3 pounds; hard-wire video output; flexible rubberized neck; up to eight hours runtime.
        The PCSS1 small handle assembly houses the wireless transmitter, battery compartment, motherboard and other electronics needed to operate the system. This eliminates the inconvenience of transporting heavy battery packs or dealing with tangled cables.
        This kit includes: one pole handle assembly with integrated RF transmitter; one black-and-white waterproof camera head; one color waterproof camera head; two extension poles; one hard-wire cable (compatible with handheld monitor); one monitoring option (handheld or wrist mounted); one storm case(r) with precision cut foam; optional accessories: thermal imaging camera kit.

Handheld Inspection Tool (HHIT2)

        Users can gain visual access through small cracks or openings with the Handheld Inspection Tool 2. Featuring a 9-inch flexible neck and low light camera, the HHIT2 is highly portable and transmits video wirelessly to any Tactical Electronics monitor. This unit allows covert vision and is ideal for looking around corners and inspecting packages.
        Features of the HHIT2 include: integrated video eyepiece; wireless video transmission; resilient construction; 9-inch flexible neck; focal length of 1foot - infinity; B/W low-light CCD imager; 600 lines of resolution; 180,000 effective pixels; variable light supplement; 0.90-inch camera head diameter; and SD card recording (optional).
        The HHIT2 black-and-white camera head contains two variable intensity LEDs mounted next to the camera for added light supplement. Customers can choose from IR, green, white, blue or EOD. The luminosity of the camera head's LEDs are controlled by a thumb wheel on the bottom of the unit.

Thermal Handheld Inspection Tool (HHIT2-IR)

        The HHIT2-IR inspection tool provides operators the ability to detect persons or animals when no ambient light is available. The thermal imaging capabilities also provide detection of solenoids, active electronic devices or any other heat source. The thermal imaging camera provides real-time digital video and features automatic gain switching for optimal performance.
        Additional features include: integrated video eyepiece; wireless video transmission; resilient construction; real-time video; focal length of 1foot - infinity; 180,000 effective pixels; weighs under 1 pound; up to four hours of runtime; automatic gain switching; and weather resistant construction.
        The HHIT2-IR Thermal Imaging Camera provides real-time digital video and features automatic gain switching for optimal performance. The integrated video eyepiece provides 180,000 effective pixels, a focal length from 1 foot to infinity, and a temperature scale display. The unit also provides the ability to switch thermal imaging between white hot and black hot.

Under Door Camera (UDC4)

        The UDC4 is a highly portable under-the-door camera providing the user with wireless inspection of rooms behind closed doors. An IR LED Illuminator, four IR LEDs, and a light sensitive black-and-white camera provide covert wireless vision to any dark area. The mini DVR records real-time video directly to a high-capacity SD card for post-operation review and archiving.
        Features include: wireless video transmission; light sensitive camera; IR LED flood illuminator; four directional IR LEDS; optional hard-wire operation; distal tip B/W camera; SD card recording; resilient construction; and 400 lines of resolution.
        The UDC4 unit contains a .005 lux black-and-white camera housed between four directional IR LEDs and one flood IR illuminator. Providing 180 degrees of illumination, the IR illuminator is designed to fully flood a 15 x 15-foot room with IR light. Due to varying amounts of ambient light in a tactical environment, the IR illuminator also provides adjustable brightness control.

Video Fiberscope (VFS2)

        Designed specifically for USSOCOM, the VFS2 allows operators to covertly and unobtrusively gain wireless visual access of rooms and packages. The fiberscope uses a high-quality 0.005 lux black-and-white camera giving it higher resolution and more light sensitivity than any other camera on the market.
        The probe of the VFS2 articulates in four directions up to 160 degrees. The probe is 8mm in diameter with the camera housed in the distal tip. The unit can be placed on target and viewed wirelessly with any Tactical Electronics monitoring option. Additional features include: wireless video transmission; light sensitive camera; external light supplement; five hours of runtime; resilient construction; and optional hard-wire operation.

Irving, Texas SWAT

        The Irving, Texas SWAT team has used Tactical Electronics' pole camera with positive results. Irving patrol officers responded to a burglary in progress and set up a perimeter. Patrol officers believed the suspects were barricaded. SWAT officers made entry to do a slow search. It was determined that the suspects were in the attic in the garage. The Tactical Electronics pole camera was used with the thermal head.
        As officers were checking the attic, they were monitoring the temperature on the (Wrist Mounted) monitor. At one point the temperature was close to 98 degrees and officers believed it was a person behind storage in the attic. Shortly after, they saw body movement and they confirmed they had suspects in the attic.
        Irving, Texas SWAT members saw one suspect move away from the attic entry and then fall through the sheet rock. He was promptly placed into custody. The other suspect made it to the attic entry and was pulled down and placed into custody. While that suspect was crawling toward the attic entry, Irving SWAT members were able to watch his hands the entire time without officers having to go up in the attic and be exposed. Their mission was successful thanks to Tactical Electronics' inspection tool.


Tactical Electronics Fills TacOps Needs

        Tactical Electronics (TE) was founded in June of 1999 in a residential garage. Through relationships cultivated during previous employment, TE was made aware of operator level needs for specialized equipment development. This need for the design and development of new and pioneering gear was and still is the driving force behind TE's existence. While fostering relationships with various DoD and DoJ Special Missions Units (SMUs), TE started providing training and was able to successfully manufacture several equipment items, many of which are still in service today.
        For over a decade, Tactical Electronics has been a reliable resource to lead law enforcement agencies and trend-setting military groups. Whether they are providing high-level electronics training or designing top-notch products, their goal is to deliver safety to those who protect us. Currently, Tactical Electronics responds to their clients' ever changing needs by specializing in four divisions: TE Products, TE Training, TE Research and Development, and TE Aviation.

Jennifer Gavigan is the Managing Editor of Tactical Response, LAW and ORDER and Police Fleet Manager Magazines. She can be reached at 

Published in Tactical Response, May/Jun 2012

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