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Voting has closed for the 2014 Vehicle Design Contest.
Department Name:

Benewah County Sheriff

Department Head:
Sheriff David Resser
St. Maries, ID
When Dave Resser assumed the office of Sheriff, he inherited a menagerie of vehicles primarily consisting of previously retired Crown Victorias in litany of colors, updating the fleet to dependable four wheel drives more suited to the rural area was a top priority. Along with new 4X4 vehicles, the sheriff wanted a bold new design that would be readily identifiable and uniquely Benewah County. Initial planning for new graphics started approximately a year prior to delivery. The sheriff, the administrative officers and the patrol deputies were involved and each had input during the design phase eventually choosing five designs which were then posted to the Sheriff’s Facebook page for public comment. One design was overwhelmingly chosen by the citizens and, based on that response, the selection was made. The graphics for the new vehicles were distinctly different from traditional police car markings yet incorporated easily recognizable aspects. A subdued silhouette of a bull elk along with mountains and trees span the lower section while a custom reflective door star and bold “SHERIFF” stand out in green and gold to match not only the uniforms worn by the agency but also the colors of the local school sports teams. In addition to the primary design and the traditional “serve and protect”, “for the people” was incorporated as a reminder to everyone why we’re here. We feel the new design accomplished our goal by providing something easily identifiable, completely unique and fitting of a fleet of new 4X4s patrolling rural Benewah County.
Vehicle Category:
Best Off-Road Vehicle

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