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Department Name:

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Department Head:
Colonel Paul Pride
Columbus, OH
The distinctive markings on every Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) vehicle were carefully selected to remain consistent with the historic image of the Highway Patrol, while still taking advantage of the modern lines on new enforcement vehicles. For example, color selection for all markings and logos are based on the historic colors associated with the agency. This color consistency is a way to ensure uniformity of appearance. While decal colors have remained consistent, decal placement on vehicles has been updated to ensure the design takes advantage of the unique lines of each vehicle. In some cases, this means making slight adjustment for size on the logo to ensure a clean, professional appearance. The overall effect is a vehicle appearance that reinforces the traditional OSHP image with updated graphics to match modern vehicle designs. The centerpiece to the graphical design of each vehicle is the federally trademarked OSHP Flying Wheel logo. The logo has become iconic to the OSHP and is readily identifiable by the public. In conjunction with the Flying Wheel on each vehicle, the markings on each vehicle are clear and precise in their location and appearance. Every OSHP vehicle of the same make and model is identical in appearance to every other vehicle in that class. This consistency in decal placement furthers the professional appearance of each OSHP vehicle. The overall image is uniquely OSHP, providing the motoring public with an easily identifiable marker for all OSHP enforcement vehicles.
Vehicle Category:
Vintage Police Cars, Pre-1982

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