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Department Name:

Cleburne Police Department

Department Head:
Chief Rob Severance
Cleburne, TX
In 2012, the choice was made to transition our fleet vehicles from Dodge Chargers to Chevrolet Tahoes. With that, came the idea to change the design. A committee of Patrol Sergeants, Corporals and Officers was selected to come up with ideas for the new design. As a cost saving measure, the Tahoes were to be ordered in one solid color, black. The committee wanted to include the color blue, a color known to police officers representing the thin blue line. However, they also wanted the design to incorporate the department’s new badge design. The chosen design incorporated both ideas. The design is highly visible with reflective material utilized on the sides and reflective blue and red bands on the rear of the vehicle. The Cleburne Police Department website is prominently displayed on the back of all vehicles. The most important aspect of the vehicle design was the phrase “Protect and Serve”, which is the simple version of our complete mission statement “To protect and serve Cleburne”. Our department’s vision is to be a world-class police department serving the best community in North Texas and we feel our vehicle design is a great representation of that vision.
Vehicle Category:
Municipal 10 to 50 Officers, West

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