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Department Name:

Beavercreek Police Department

Department Head:
Dennis Evers
Beavercreek, OH
For more than 20 years, the Beavercreek Police Department has run a Citizens On Preventive Patrol (COPP) program, in which citizen volunteers augment police services to the community. They provide traffic control at parades, crash scenes, and any other incident relating to traffic flow. When front line police cruisers are taken out of service, they get refreshed to be utilized by the COPP's. Several years ago, we changed our marked fleet to a two-tone black & white theme. As the first of these cars are now being removed from service, we took the opportunity to come up with a new design theme for the COPP's. The local vocational school was called upon to change the black paint to a burgandy red color that has been a part of the COPP design for some time. The markings were chosen to mimic that of the current police fleet. The new look blends perfectly with the police department patrol cars, yet is very different and unique at the same time. This is the first vehicle that has been completed in the new design.
Vehicle Category:
Best Community Relations (DARE, GREAT)

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