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Department Name:

Herington Police Department

Department Head:
John Pritchard
Herington, KS
As the Herington chief of police, I had a 1967 Dodge Coronet 440 restored into a vintage Herington police car for use in promoting law enforcement in our community and in the area. It is used in parades, car shows and other special events and is always one of the most popular en-tries. I used a traditional black and white color scheme and all the equipment on the car is correct for the time period even down to 1960s coins in the coin tray. The car is equipped with two sirens. One is an electronic one from the mid-1960s and the other is a fender-mounted mechani-cal one which is the most popular. I utilized actual obsolete HPD door emblems on the car and also have a vintage HPD police chief badge on an old uniform shirt inside the car. The antique personalized license plate is "HPD 861" which is the abbreviation of our agency and the number is the chief's radio/badge number. A graphics arts company did rear window signs that read, "Serving Our Community Past & Present" and when I lead parades with the vintage police car, a new HPD vehicle follows behind so it helps to tie in the theme of past and present law enforcement service to our community.
Vehicle Category:
Vintage Police Cars, Pre-1982

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