2016 International Police Vehicle Design Contest

The following application must be completed by March 31, 2017. Departments that have won in the past five years will not be considered eligible. This competition is open to any properly authorized law enforcement agency. Graphics do not need to be new; established designs will also be accepted. You must read the directions carefully and complete all the sections of the online application and submit at least four (4) photographs of the vehicle to be eligible.


Department Information


Entry and Photographs Submitted By


Information and Background

Please write 100 to 250 words on any of the following topics.

  • Why this particular design was chosen?
  • Why these particular colors were selected?
  • Why reflective material was or was not used?
  • Who all was involved in the design and decision-making?
    (i.e. committee of patrol officers, top brass, EVOC instructors, city or county government, etc)
  • What makes the graphics unique, functional and professional?
  • How the design ties the vehicle to the community or region?
  • What is the one aspect of the overall design that is the most important or significant?

Word Count: 0

Contest Categories


East and West Designations
* East and West will be denoted by the Mississippi River.

"Best Of" Categories to be determined by judges from all entries

  • Best Ford PI Sedan
  • Best Chevy Caprice
  • Best Dodge Charger
  • Most effective from the rear
  • Best SUV/Crossover
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