FOCUS: High Security ZRT Long Gun Rack

FOCUS: High Security ZRT Long Gun Rack

By Brad Brewer


As one of the oldest and most dependable vehicle equipment manufacturers, Jotto Desk first began operating in 1994 and the first product that started it all was a Writing Desk mounted in a vehicle. A local deputy sheriff had built one himself to meet his needs and had shown to the owner of Assembled Products Corporation (Jotto Desk’s parent company) and soon after Jotto Desk was born.

It wasn’t too long after, that it was determined that laptops and mobility was where Public Safety was heading and Jotto Desk designed their first laptop mount. Jotto Desk was the first company to offer the No Holes Mounting option that utilized the passenger seat bolts for securing the mounting base.  This has been a pattern Jotto Desk followed since that time, being innovators in the Public Safety industry.

In 2001, Jotto Desk released the first Contour Console for the Crown Victoria. This patented console design literally changed the way vehicles have been upfit.  Police sedans were getting smaller, more equipment was being added to those vehicles and a metal box between the seats just didn’t cut it anymore.

Jotto Desk continued growing and working to improve throughout the 2000’s.  Focusing on maintaining an excellent reputation for quick delivery, excellent installations and quality customer service. Jotto Desk knew their products fit and worked great, but most upfit vendors at the time didn’t have to worry about how their products may interfere with another companies products. Often, Public Safety agencies would buy products for their new vehicles from 7-8 different companies.  When installation time came and there were fit or interference issues between products, nobody took the blame. Jotto Desk set out to ensure their customers had complete integration with all Jotto Desk products, as they began offering prisoner containment products in 2010 by adding partitions, gun racks, replacement seating and the like.

This is when Jotto Desk knew that becoming a Total Solutions Provider (TSP) meant that they had to be fully aware of each vehicle, each new product design and how these products interacted. Jotto Desk takes pride in the fact that customers can pretty much equip a police vehicle (sans lights/siren) by issuing only one PO to Jotto Desk.  You can trust that everything will ship quickly (1-2 weeks vs. 6-8), that everything will ship together (1 freight bill vs. 8), everything will ship complete (no lengthy delays with 90% of the equipment delivered and waiting on the 10% needed to start a build) and everything will install and fit together seamlessly. That is TSP.

Being a leader in Public Safety vehicle upfitting means sometimes you have to spend some development time and money to ensure you’re truly providing a product that fulfills that commitment to the men and women out there getting it done on the front lines.

Talk is cheap, but stepping up and solving issues isn’t cheap and recently one such issue came to Jotto Desk and they have really stepped up above and beyond to ensure their product really does what it’s supposed to do.

The issue of firearms safety is well publicized but in Law Enforcement it’s a particularly difficult issue considering Police must have quick access to high powered long guns inside the front of their vehicles, not locked away in the trunk. Securing these long guns has always been a challenge and securing them in a lockbox in the trunk doesn’t serve the officer they are meant to protect.

While many vendors today make some outstanding interior long gun racks, there has always been an elephant in the room with regards to gun racks in Law Enforcement vehicles. What the hell do elephants have to do with police gun racks you say? Well without going into too much detail, and not to disclose activity that would be counterproductive to public safety let’s just say most gun racks are vulnerable to attack.

Jotto Desk set out to create a solution, and as it turns out not a cheap one at that. Bottom line, Jotto Desk feels it owes it to its customers to make something that truly does what it’s supposed to and protects those who protect us.

Probably the most common long gun used by US Law Enforcement is the AR-15 and in Canada the Colt C8. These high-powered weapons are usually secured in the front of a police vehicle by a vertical rack that sits between the front seats and is connected to the rear partition.

These vertical racks usually consist of some sort of butt plate where the butt of the long gun rests and some type of clamshell or swing door lock head that holds the barrel of the weapon secure.

Again, without going into details the vulnerability in these racks is the lock head, either by force or by electrical charge they can be breached. Even if there was just one vulnerability it’s still too many according to Jotto Desk.

So, over the past year Jotto Desk set out to eliminate these issues with a very unique design that many consider to be one of if not the most secure design on the market today. This new design is Jotto Desk’s High Security ZRT Gun Rack.

To ensure the lock head can’t be breached with force, the ZRT lock head was designed with key differences than the previous designs.

First, Jotto Desk uses Zinc material for extreme durability, this design has been tested well beyond what the current racks today can handle and then some. Jotto Desk says that under testing most gun rack lock heads will crack at or around 32ft/lbs. of energy. This new ZRT lock head withstands 100ft/lbs. of energy without showing any signs of damage or failure. It would be extremely unlikely someone could muster up 100ft lbs. of destructive energy in the confines of a Police vehicle interior.

Also, upgraded on this new ZRT lock head was the material used to actually make contact with the weapon. Anyone who has sat in a Police vehicle with a long gun rack knows how annoying any rattles can be during a 10-12 shift. Jotto Desk decided they would deal with this issue by discarding the typical cloth or felt surface and custom make high quality silicone inserts that match each specific weapon.

To address another electrical vulnerability Jotto Desk engineered a patented and proprietary two phase communication system that not only requires power from an officer initiated button push but the system also sends down a special electronic handshake to confirm the electrical unlock command is a legit command and not an external breach attempt.

Jotto Desk, not satisfied at just improving the lock head, also looked at issues with the butt plate and how they could improve that. Many rubber but plates are vulnerable to being cut, but Jotto went one step further and uses polycarbonate which is impervious to being cut or smashed.

These security improvements were all made while maintaining the requirement for field adjustability by an officer without the need of a tool. Again thinking about their customers Jotto Desk decided to make these upgraded ZRT parts available for retrofitting older Jotto Desk gun racks in order to make the safety improvements available to everyone, not just new customers. Jotto Desk also maintains these new racks are fully universal and integrate with any other vendors’ partitions. Jotto Desk continues to provide the leadership Law Enforcement demands from its equipment providers so if long gun racks are something your agency is looking at upgrading you owe it to the men and women on the front lines to evaluate the new Jotto Desk High Security ZRT Gun Rack.

Sergeant Brad Brewer is a 27-year member of the Vancouver Police Department. He was an eight-year member of the Ford Police Advisory Board and regularly gives presentations at law enforcement conferences on mobile computing, wireless technology and police vehicle ergonomics. He can be reached at

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Mar/Apr 2017

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