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The saying goes, “Money makes the world go ‘round.” These days, maybe it is software that does some of the propelling of that money. And fleet management is no exception to the benefits offered by sound software that can improve efficiency, reduce department costs, help with maintenance scheduling, assist with parts inventories, and keep all the records straight.




AssetWorks software solutions are used both by public safety agencies, and also public transit authorities and the private sector fleet industry. Over 500 fleets are helped through AssetWorks software and consulting.


FleetFocus Fleet Management Software® tracks all the functions related to maintaining vehicles and equipment, including such tasks as repairs, preventive maintenance, operating expenses in fuel, oil and licensing, billing, and vehicle usage. FleetFocus is a part of a comprehensive fleet management application that AssetWorks states is the only product on the market with a real-time, single database integration to cover nearly every aspect of fleet management.


Other components include FuelFocus® for fuel management (software and hardware), KeyValet® for automated motor pool solutions, GPS powered by NetworkFleet, and the Field Service Solution mobile workforce management system.


The company states that its products offer a return on investment in terms of reducing vehicle ownership costs, extending the use of vehicles, increasing equipment availability, improving warranty recovery, optimizing inventory, and ensuring regulatory compliance for vehicles in their management, maintenance and part inventories.

AssetWorks will be offering a users’ conference March 29-April 2, 2015 in


, N.C.


Chevin Fleet Solutions

In 2001, Chevin Fleet Solutions became the world’s first company to offer Web-based fleet management systems through FleetWave®. Since then, the company has developed solutions for all sizes and complexities of fleets, with the goal of streamlining processes, improving performance, and reducing costs. The company prides itself on being more than just a provider of technology. It also seeks to develop individualized fleet programs that are flexible, intuitive and unique to the organization using them, regardless of size of the fleet.

By consolidating data into one centralized and enterprise-wide program, tasks such as monitoring, audit trails, maintenance, data exchange, reporting and compliance all become easier. The company states that such comprehensive management on either an Internet or Intranet platform benefits from being a Web-based application, rather than a compromised Web-enabled system. A Web-enabled system may slow down when substantial data traffic is occurring. A Web-based application, though, offers access from anywhere through an Internet connection.



FleetWave is flexible and user definable, which means that users can add their own fields, text, calculations, etc. in real-time application for up-to-date and accurate information. Password-controlled access limits users to specific screens or administrative rights, and a driver portal allows drivers limited access to FleetWave to input their own data such as mileage, fuel, and accident claims. Quick identification of warranty claims, rogue vehicles or drivers, fleet status on tasks overdue or pending, inventory levels, scheduling and other work are easily incorporated in the management system.


Since fleet management software may need to integrate with third-party systems already in use, a seamless integration of widely used applications is possible to feed and receive data, and to process it, thus eliminating the need for updating multiple silo applications with the same information, or accessing data in or from several different places.


Web-based systems have an application that is written specifically to run on the Web and are therefore fast, needing only minimal network requirements. The database engine can be created and modified to meet the user’s preferences, and it offers full application functionality from a browser without the need for additional software on each PC. This cuts costs and keeps user access to the latest version of data, regardless of physical location.

Among the FleetWave modules are such topics as 24-hour event logging, accidents, bar coding, billing, fuel and fluids, capital expense, budget, document management, driver fines, driver portals, maintenance, motor pool, online mileage expenses, PDA and hand-held devices use, property management, repairs, reports, stock and inventory control, tires, utilities, and VIN decoding.



FASTER Asset Solutions

This employee-owned company offers Web-based fleet management solution through FASTER Web®, developed on current platforms for better load times, search capabilities, and a minimum of scrolling or screen jumping. The company also offers a client server, Windows®-based solution for those who prefer a non-Web-based platform.


The system avoids costly customizations and, instead, provides a customization capability to conform to any unique process needed, thus giving functionality and flexible configurations for easier implementation and lower overall cost. An implemented system is assigned a fleet consultant who is a former fleet manager who actually used FASTER® and who provides practical help for use and for minimization of disruptions.


The system is equipped to permit enterprise-wide use and to incorporate or integrate such factors as billing, accident reporting, accident information, asset acquisition, inventory, budgeting, maintenance, fuel usage costs, repairs, stock reorders, and purchasing.

The system is an off-the-shelf and user-friendly system that employs a process-driven program that is easy to use in real-time applications and processes. The company provides toll-free, 24-hour support, along with remote access to allow for improved troubleshooting and diagnostics of the system. There is also online access to download patches and updates as soon as they are available. An annual national conference and additional regional training workshops are offered at additional costs.


Optional add-ons include bar-coding, dashboard control for monitoring of performance and operations through performance indicators, and role-based permissions controls of access and motor pool. The company also assists with moving fleet management from an old system to a new one so that installation and implementation are smooth.



Capterra Compare-Contrast

The website,

, covers over 300 alphabetically listed categories of business and organization software, describing each and offering a convenient “shopping” resource for comparing and contrasting software (and hardware) products best suited for an organization’s particular needs.

Among the categories that are a part of the Capterra website are both Fleet Management, and Fleet Maintenance, and the companies and services offering each (including both software and hardware). Some such listings also have reviews from users.

Links to the Fleet Management companies’ websites and profiles are included so that “shoppers” can review and compare what is best suited for a fleet, and which products offer the best tools for measurement, training, value, etc. regardless of the size of the fleet or the applications needed. To the right of the companies’ listing are “values” that can be compared in either Web-based or installed deployment.


Below that, there are “features” that can be compared in such tasks as accident tracking, accounting integration, billing, cost tracking, driver data, vehicle tracking, fuel optimization, inspection, inventory, maintenance, mileage tracking, tire tracking, or work order management. Links to related categories are also included such as billing, equipment maintenance, field service management, fleet maintenance, IT asset management, maintenance, and service dispatch.

The Fleet Maintenance resource functions similarly, describing both Web-based and installed software and hardware, and companies’ products’ features, free trials or other aspects. Features include cost tracking, fuel tracking, maintenance history, maintenance scheduling, parts inventory management, repairs, tire management, vehicle information, warranty tracing, and work order management.


Stephenie Slahor, Ph.D., J.D., writes in the fields of law enforcement and security. She can be reached at


CORRECTION:  In the print version of this article, the photos on pages 36 & 38 were incorrectly credited as images of Fleet Focus by AssetWorks. These images were provided by Chevin Fleet Solutions and are screenshots of their Web-based enterprise fleet management information system, FleetWave.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Jul/Aug 2014

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