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Visibility Tape, a Baltimore-based company formed to promote safety of fleet vehicles, recently announced enhancements to their product line by offering a larger size of the reflective adhesive tape. Visibility Tape is designed to improve vehicle visibility and reduce the number of rear end collisions involving fleet vehicles. The new size will give larger vehicles increased visibility, keeping the truck or car and drivers safer on the road.

Visibility Tape is a reflective yellow and red adhesive tape with an angled pattern placed on the rear of a vehicle to increase drivers’ awareness. The product is made from superior polymers with improved reflectivity. The decal is waterproof and can easily be applied to any vehicle. Visibility Tape’s standard sizes are 6 inches by 48 inches or 8 inches by 48 inches, but can also be ordered in any custom size.

Police vehicles or any other vehicles that make frequent stops in or around moving traffic are especially susceptible to accidents. “Visibility Tape has been proven to reduce rear end collisions by more than 50 percent,” said Ricky Rothstein, managing partner of Visibility Tape. “The new option of getting Visibility Tape in a larger size will help us meet the needs of our growing customer base. By increasing a driver’s awareness of stopped or slow moving vehicles, Visibility Tape is helping everyone on the road stay safe.”

Each year in the U.S. there are approximately 5.5 million automobile accidents with one-third involving rear end collisions. Rear end collisions occur when drivers do not see a stopping or slow moving vehicle in front of them in time to stop. Companies that have applied Visibility Tape to their vehicles have reported drastic improvements in accident reports.

“Fleet managers must take a proactive approach to accident prevention if they truly want to reduce costs and keep their drivers safe. Visibility Tape is an easy solution to this problem,” Rothstein stated.

Fleet managers generally try to prevent accidents by spending time and money on driver training or incentive programs. Despite their best efforts, this time is often wasted and accidents are still a regular occurrence. Even with sufficient training, drivers cannot control how those around them will react to a slowing or stopped vehicle.

“In an 18-month period, Tate Engineering experienced a rash of six accidents where other drivers hit our vehicles from behind,” said Joe Xavier, Safety/Quality Director of Tate Engineering Systems. “After applying Visibility Tape on our fleet of over 50 vehicles, we reduced our hit-from-behind incidents to just one the following year.

Companies have found that the return on the investment of outfitting the entire fleet with Visibility Tape has been significant as it has noticeably reduced rear end collisions. Other benefits of the product include: improved vehicle visibility both day and night; reduced workman’s comp claims and costs; reduced vehicle repairs and down time caused by accidents; eliminated calls-for-service disruptions and delayed emergency response caused by accidents; and insurance savings by lowering Total Incident Rate (TIR).

Visibility Tape provides a simple and cost effective solution to safety risks for fleet vehicles. “Visibility Tape is a great investment and a best practice for fleet safety programs,” Xavier said. “The reflective decals provide an instant, easy to apply and cost effective way to reduce hit from behind accidents.”

Mary Miles is with Nevins & Associated Chartered, a public relations firm representing Visibility Tape.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, May/Jun 2014

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