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http://www.ka-comminc.com/For about 25 years, Ka-Comm, Inc. has been installing gun mounts. Over the years, we have realized that “one size fits all” is not accurate. So, we have attached mounts horizontally to consoles and cages; vertically to cages; behind and between seats, rear doors, trunk lids, and any other way to install the gun mount. It seemed like each time we started a gun mount installation, we would have to modify the current mount so much that it was unrecognizable. The application would need to be so completely different that we would end up just replacing the mount.

With our customer’s budgets shrinking as fast as the room inside the newer patrol cars, we decided to design our own gun mount. The goal was a gun mount that would allow the flexibility to move the mount from one installation to the next with little additional cost. Also, we wanted a mount that would allow an agency to change the make/model of guns.

Several of our employees got together in a “gun mount build-off.” One goal of the competition was to design a gun mount that was not vehicle or gun specific. Another goal was that the gun mount could be installed relatively quickly in the field and would not have to be re-configured after each installation. The result of this brainstorming and competition among our craftsmen was the compact and flexible KAC-DGM-FLEX gun mount.

The KAC-DGM-FLEX is a gun mount designed to be mounted behind the driver or passenger seat. The top of the mount attaches to the headrest and the bottom portion can be secured with lag screws or with a no-holes drilled base. The no-holes drilled base option is bolted to the chassis by using the back two bolts of the seat. Each mount can be set up to lock down one or two guns. Additional equipment accessories, such as a flashlight holder or OC spray holder, can be added to the mount.

Our flex mount configuration allows mobility of the entire seat. With this option, officers are not restricted to one position of the seat or seat back and can patrol in comfort during their shift. The Ka-Comm gun mount can be installed in almost any vehicle with almost any type of weapon configuration and installed in almost any location. 

These mounts can be ordered with standard locks that are weapon specific or the universal handcuff lock. All of the locks are available with the override key and the key can be handcuff key, barrel (vending machine) key, or straight key.

The gun mount can be configured for either a single weapon or dual weapon at any time. 

Departments can start with a single weapon and add additional or different weapons with only minor changes in the layout of the system. It can be installed directly behind the driver or passenger seat, to a prisoner partition with or without the space saver option, on a canine transport cage or overhead in virtually any horizontal or vertical application. 


Scott and Craig Fischer are owners of Ka-Comm, Inc. in Salina, Kan.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Mar/Apr 2014

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