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In business since 1957, Martel Electronics is a global manufacturer of police digital in-car mobile video systems. Their new DC3 Digital Cruiser is so small it fits in the palm of your hand. It features solid-state technology, easy-to-learn three-button operation, wireless police-car camera downloading, and 802.11 wireless video-file transfer capabilities.

The Martel DC3 Digital Cruiser records directly to a 128GB SDHC card that holds 300 hours of recording time. A USB card reader is included for direct video downloading, and can be erased and re-used 1 million times. Pre-event recording captures up to two minutes of video before activation and easily documents probable cause. The new police car camera video marking feature allows the officer to “mark” the spot on the video for later reference. Event tags can be customized to each police camera system to meet an agency’s unique needs.

The 2.4 GHz digital wireless microphone features 40 digital channels that allow numerous systems to operate in close proximity without interference, and automatically turns on when the system is activated. With Martel’s Police Camera Video Management Software, a two-hour video can be burned to a playable DVD for use in court cases in less than five minutes. The DC3 installs in minutes and is priced at $2,995.

According to Jason Smith, Martel Electronics Law Enforcement Division, many agencies prefer purchasing complete systems from one vendor to prevent costly repair and replacement. “Departments are tired of replacing low-quality patchwork systems combining components from different manufacturers that need to be switched out repeatedly. Even if the retailer offers an extended warranty for free, it’s too much trouble and leads to down time,” Smith said.

Martel also provides support to ensure successful implementation of their products. “In the last year, we have successfully outfitted small, medium, and large departments including one of our most advanced space exploration facilities (Vandenberg AFB), in California, with wireless video uploading and driver license scanning technology.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Jan/Feb 2014

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