The Latest in Motorcycle Lighting

"The real key is motorcycle-specific brackets."

The Latest in Motorcycle Lighting             
By: Yesenia Salcedo

(Ed. Note: Virtually any small LED emergency light from any LED light manufacturer can be adapted and upfitted to a motorcycle or off-road vehicle by a competent upfitter. However, some companies have specifically entered the niche police motorcycle market by producing both the LED lights and customized brackets.)

The variety of lighting options available in today’s emergency lighting market offers endless possibilities for all public safety vehicles. Emergency lighting products are one of the most important accessories put onto police vehicles, and today, almost anything you can put onto an emergency vehicle can be put onto a police motorcycle, which is more widely used as an emergency vehicle than one would think. Here’s a look at some of the latest emergency lighting products for police motorcycles from a few of the lightbar industry’s leaders.

Code 3 – Public Safety Equipment

St. Louis-based Code 3 PSE offers many integrated law enforcement solutions for motorcycles. Code 3 lights are strategically placed to offer 360° visibility of the officer. Code 3 offers several products for Harley, Honda, BMW and Victory motorcycles.

For Harley motorcycles (based on 2008-2013 Electra Glide), Code 3 offers its SuperVisor front windshield light; Torus 3-Up and 6-Up exterior lights for multiple front, rear and side mounting positions; various models of its XT3, XT4 and XT6 exterior lights for multiple front, rear and side mounting positions; Par36 fog lights; and a siren and speaker system.

For BMW motorcycles, Code 3 offers a front light kit system that combines emergency lighting into optimally focused compact LED light modules. These modules accommodate an additional 45-degree front LED module that blankets the front quadrants in emergency lights. Together with an integrated wiring harness and programmable flash control module, this new system can provide any current flashing sequence/switching combination through settings on the programmable flasher.

Also, the company offers a rear light kit that combines rear- and side-facing LED emergency lights together with rear-facing brake/tail LED and side turn-signal LED lights. Additional rear facing LED emergency lights can be installed and powered in conjunction with the rear facing lights, or controlled by photo-eye to disable the lights during the dark to reduce glare at night/low light situations.

Code 3 also offers its LED X and Torus 3-Up and 6-Up LED exterior lights with adaptable brackets for multiple front, rear and side mounting positions, and an integrated siren flasher and speaker system.

For Honda, Code 3 offers XT3, XT4, XT6, T-Rex and LEDX exterior lights for multiple front, rear and side mounting positions and a siren and speaker system. For Victory, Code 3 offers XT4, XT6, T-Rex and LEDX exterior lights for multiple front, rear and side mounting positions; Par36 fog lights and a siren and speaker system.

Whelen Engineering

Whelen Engineering has a long history of working with law enforcement, including a reputation for quality, innovative lighting products and siren systems for police vehicles and motorcycles. New motorcycle systems provide maximum protection to the front, rear and sides of your bike, including products designed for specific vehicle manufacturers such as the light array for the Harley Davidson windshield, where moving the light higher on the vehicle offers one more added level of warning coverage.

Today, Whelen has a large offering of certified warning products for the front, rear and side of police motorcycles including super-tough, super-bright LED lightheads and beacons, sirens and siren speakers, and Whelen HDP power supplies and flashers. All Whelen motorcycle warning products are certified by independent test laboratories as meeting or exceeding the appropriate legal requirements for SAE, AAMVA and California Title XIII, according to the company. Its products are designed and manufactured in the United States.

The Chester, Conn.-based company’s motorcycle windshield Super-LED light array offers the ability to put the warning light higher on the windshield with a high-intensity Super-LED light array. The higher placement assures more visibility to larger vehicles either oncoming or in the rear-view mirror, and adds another level of protection to your warning system.

It is built with a rugged steel bracket and custom-molded, high-impact polycarbonate housing that fits snugly to the fairing of the motorcycle, preventing flashback.

SoundOff Signal

While big-name vehicle lighting company SoundOff Signal doesn’t have turnkey emergency lighting products for motorcycles, it does fill a need in this area. The Hudsonville, Mich., company offers its Predator II surface mounts and crash bar brackets for Harley, Honda and Kawasaki bikes.

The Predator II surface mounts feature wide, bright angle output; light sync technology to synchronize the lights to alternate the flash patterns or flash simultaneously; and includes santophone rubber mounting gasket and mounting hardware with 18 inches of three-wire cable. SoundOff offers them in black, white and chrome housing. 

Yesenia Salcedo is technical editor for LAW and ORDER and Police Fleet Manager Magazines. She may be reached at

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Sep/Oct 2013

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