Equipment Transfer Suggestions

  • Written by General Motors Staff, Kerr Industries Staff


"Maybe all you need are new brackets."



Equipment Transfer Suggestions

By General Motors and Kerr Industries Staff


At a recent Police Fleet Expo, officials with GM’s Fleet & Commercial Operations and with Kerr Industries, GM’s factory upfitter, presented upfitting suggestions. Specifically, they made recommendations for what pieces of aftermarket accessories should be transferred from the decommissioned vehicle to the new vehicle, and what aftermarket accessories should be purchased new.

These are general guidelines only. Obviously, damaged or worn equipment should be repaired, refurbished or disposed. Burned-out lightbar LED modules should be replaced; foggy lightbar lenses should be replaced; scratched center consoles and prisoner partitions should be repainted.  

Technology advances should also be factored in. For example, all-LED lightbars should be used to reduce amp draw. The older LED lightbars with halogen takedowns and halogen alley lights should probably be replaced with the newer technology. Same for in-car video—it should all be strictly digital. 

Technology can also represent ergonomic advances in non-electronic upfit parts. Consider today’s more contoured prisoner partitions, more versatile laptop/tablet mounts, and even better designed trunk trays and gun racks. 



As an overall suggestion, a general rule, consider transferring these aftermarket accessories from the old vehicle to the new one:


Light/siren controllers

In-Car Video


2-way radios

Interior lighting

Trunk trays

Equipment consoles

Prisoner partitions

Gun racks



As a rule, products exposed to the elements should be replaced due to corrosion. As an overall suggestion, strongly consider replacing these aftermarket accessories, i.e., buying new products for the new vehicle:

Push bumpers

Siren speaker

Grille lighting

Partition mounting hardware

Console floor plate and mounting brackets

Exterior mounted antennas and wiring harnesses

Skid plate


We are in the middle of the largest transition in police vehicles, since the Great Downsizing in the late-1970s, and perhaps since the first police package vehicles in the early-1950s. Even still, many upfit components will transfer from the larger Ford CVPI to any of the NextGen police vehicles. In many cases, it is as simple as buying new brackets for the lightbar, push bumper, prisoner partition gun rack, and center console. Talk with your upfitter. It could save you a great deal of money on each new vehicle you need to upfit.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Sep/Oct 2013

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