Police Fleet Expo – Charlotte

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Police Fleet Expo – Charlotte
By: Scott Coy


We are green flag racing our way back to Charlotte for our second Police Fleet Expo of 2013. We are excited about our return to The Queen City, the largest in North Carolina. With over 775,000 people and growing, Charlotte is an exciting city in which to both visit and do business. When you are not actively listening in a class session, making contacts on the show floor, or attending an evening event, make sure you take in some of the sites this area has to offer. 

On Monday, take the green flag and head to turn one: begin the 2013 Police Fleet Expo at the Charlotte Motor Speedway and put the manufacturer’s vehicles through the paces.  Remember, the right people will be there to help answer your questions before and after your experience. Stay tuned for some celebrity guests at the track; last year, we had the pleasure of meeting and riding along with some of NASCAR’s great drivers!

Tuesday, or turn two, brings the nuts and bolts of the show, starting with the Vehicle Manufacturer Dialogues. These three sessions are followed up by the very popular Agency Dialogue Sessions. Whelen tops off our second day in Charlotte: the opportunity to take in what you may have missed at the NASCAR Hall of Fame last year as we enjoy an excellent opportunity for networking at an absolutely remarkable venue.

Wednesday, or turn three, brings us to our high-horsepower educational sessions. Two general sessions start the day with a discussion on rightsizing your fleet followed by a timely discussion about computers and tablets in the patrol car.  Before turning you loose to do laps around the expo floor, we are offering two concurrent sessions: Fleet Operations 101 will give the new fleet managers the basic tools they need to be successful in the field. At the same time, the other session will be putting the stop on misinformation about brakes with pointers on how to get the most from them.  

The exhibit hall promises to be the largest we have offered to our attendees. You will be provided everything you need: from the vehicles, to where the rubber meets the road, to the answers to all your questions, to successfully knowing exactly what to look for in writing your requests for proposals. Even if you are not in the market to buy right now, the expo floor is rich with networking opportunities. Avoid the wait that comes with the occasional caution flags of fleet managements, when you know and have met the right people to call.

Turn four Thursday brings lap two of the exhibit hall in the morning. After lunch, the general session will offer you an opportunity to learn about fleet replacement planning using life cycle costing. Once you have a handle on that math, our concurrent sessions 3 and 4 follow where you can pick up a few ideas about year-end reporting and the important role these play in keeping your team in the “green.” Down the hall, the second session will focus on fluid technology and what you need to know to keep your vehicles on the road.

The checker flag has not been taken yet, as we encourage you to stay for the warm-up session. This is the place where you get to play the role of our steering committee and keep us on track, so we can bring you the best speakers on the timeliest issues for police fleet managers. Ask anyone who has attended this session in the past—your input is paramount as Police Fleet Expo is here for you.

We are excited to host your stay in Charlotte and promise you will feel much more welcome than General Cornwallis did during the American Revolution when he said the city was “a hornet’s nest of rebellion” creating the another nickname, The Hornet’s Nest.  Travel safe and we will see you soon!

Scott Coy, Police Fleet Expo Co-Chair, is a lieutenant with the Western Michigan University Police Department, brings the practice of private business into government as it pertains to his responsibilities at the department. This practice has created a bar of fiscal responsibility not only in the management of his department’s fleet, which he has been doing since 2003, but has been shared via published articles and in person with several agencies. Scott is also responsible for all technology deployed at the department from radios to computers, whether it be in the patrol car or office. He can be reached at scoy@hendonpub.com.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Jul/Aug 2013

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