The Segway Patroller

The Segway® Patroller was conceived based on specific input from experienced law enforcement professionals. The model’s development offered Segway an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to servicing the police market with a tool that met their very specific needs and empowered them to do their job in a better, faster and safer manner. Since its launch, the Segway Patroller has been deployed by well over 1,300 departments worldwide. 

The Patroller is a great fit for public-safety military environments. First and foremost, it allows officers to quickly connect with the people they serve—it is the ultimate ice breaker. The Patroller is simply unmatched in its ability to draw interest and questions from the public and promote interaction between an officer and the community. Officers constantly mention they have never been approached as much as they are while gliding. The Segway Patroller offers a competitive edge to community policing programs.

Visible and Mobile

Officers can oversee a larger area and be seen, which implies a stronger police presence and helps to deter crime. More specifically, Patroller riders stand a full 8 inches higher than pedestrians and have an excellent vantage point in crowds. 

The Segway instantly enhances mobility, which enables officers to conserve energy and complete patrol routes up to three times faster than walking a beat. In addition, the Patroller’s two wheels can turn in opposite directions around a single axis, which provides a true zero turning radius. Officers can therefore move through crowds fluidly, quickly change direction, travel in reverse, or remain stationary as needed. 

Flexible and Green

A Segway Patroller is highly reliable and can be used inside, outside and over various terrain. It is readily used in many airport, campus and hospital environments and is a preferred method of personal transportation for officers patrolling large indoor and outdoor entertainment and convention venues. In addition, the Patroller’s compact footprint and zero turning radius allow officers to easily ride into an elevator and between cars in a parking garage, travel through standard doorways, and maneuver in other tight spaces.

Segway Patrollers are a leading green transportation initiative, boast zero emissions, operate for less than a penny per mile (based on 10 cents per kWh), and decrease the department’s fuel costs.

Distinctive Features

The Segway has highly reflective upper and lower shields. The shields assure visibility without affecting the machine’s human size footprint. As is the case with an officer’s uniform, the Patroller’s shields guarantee an officer is instantly recognizable. Police and security labeled shields are available in optic yellow or white and may include a department logo or insignia.        

The robust integrated LED light system is available in either a red/blue option for police applications or an amber/white option for security applications. Both options have a strobe setting. The rider-facing cargo bag is integrated into the LeanSteer frame and provides easily accessible storage for an officer’s keys, water bottle, laptop, report binder and more.

Our LeanSteer™ technology and durable frame includes a variable height adjustment feature that allows officers to fit the Patroller to a comfortable height. The side-cargo frame system offers officers the option of adding cargo plates or bags for additional storage. The rubber bumper protects the light and the shield’s finish from damage. The comfort mats enhance a rider’s comfort over long shifts.

Helpful Procurement Programs

Segway is very sensitive to the fact police department budgets are tight. It is often the only challenge that must be overcome when presenting the product and all its capabilities to decision makers. Segway offers a wide variety of procurement programs (leasing, grant research assistance, direct sponsorship, and volume discount programs). One of these is sure to meet the department’s needs.

Chip MacDonald is Segway’s Director, Global Police & Government Business, and one of the founding employees. He may be reached at

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Mar/Apr 2013

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