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Established in 1974, Code 3®, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of emergency lighting and warning products for police, fire, emergency response, utility and industrial applications in Saint Louis, Mo. Code 3 is a Public Safety Equipment company.

Ford PI Sedan Side Marker Light

Code 3 recently announced the release of the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan Side Marker Light Kit. These lights are designed to fit in Ford’s existing side-marker light units. They use Code 3 XT4 LEDs with a grommet and are available in single or split flashing colors of red, blue, amber or white and MultiColor R/W, R/B, B/W, B/A, and R/A.

The kit includes both driver and passenger light units, and each light can be ordered with different color combinations. The Ford PI Sedan Side Marker Light provides additional safety especially at intersections. Installation is simple using existing Ford side panels.


The CommandStik is an interior lighting system that fits in the rear deck area of police vehicles. The CommandStik features eight bright Torus 3-up LED lightheads in single or split flashing colors of red, blue, amber, or white.

In addition, the CommandStik has 12 standard flash patterns and 12 ArrowStik flash patterns to choose from. The CommandStik is 27.5 inches long, 1.25 inches tall, and 3.5 inches deep. It weighs 4.5 pounds. Universal mounting brackets allow this light to be mounted on the inside of sedans and SUVs. Code 3 offers a five-year warranty on Torus lightheads.

Enhanced Defender TC2 MultiColor Lightbar

The Defender® TC2 lightbar with TriCore® technology is now available with enhanced MultiColor capabilities. The new Defender TC2 maintains the same intense brightness and off-angle signal the Defender has come to be known for plus offers many enhancements to its dual color capability.

The department may select from several different dual-color TC6 lightheads that can flash two full, distinctly different color signals: red/blue, red/white, blue/white, red/amber, blue/amber, and amber/white. Flash a dual color lighthead in a single color only, to be compliant with any state or local color requirements.

Flash a dual-color red/blue lighthead and then switch to a takedown function that mixes the two colors to produce a powerful white takedown/scene light, or if in a corner position an additional alley/side light. Flash a dual-color red/amber or blue/amber lighthead and then switch to an all amber signal for NarrowStik® traffic directing functions.

Operate a red/white or blue/white lighthead in a single red or blue flashing mode, a multi-color mode that flashes both colors, or switch it to a takedown function that steady burns the white signal to create additional takedown/scene lighting. This can also be done in the corner position of the Defender to create additional alley/side lighting.          

The MultiColor capability offers several advantages. Two full signals out of one lighthead—no more compromising signal strength and size by splitting an LED lighthead or using two lightheads to get two colors. By turning a dual color lighthead into a clear takedown or alley light, officers do not have to worry about giving up lighting positions in the bar for takedowns or alley lights—they are already there.

The additional takedown, scene or side lighting also creates a large area of bright lighting that is perfect when conditions require extra lighting of the area around or in front of the vehicle. When TC2 red/amber or blue/amber lightheads are used in the rear of the Defender, they can instantly change to a full-size amber NarrowStik for traffic direction.

No longer do emergency red or blue warning colors have to be given up to have an amber traffic-directing device in your lightbar. Greater color and flash pattern combinations are now possible, creating more attention-grabbing activity to alert motorists of your presence. The TC2 dual-color lightheads come with a standard five-year warranty and meet SAE and California Title 13 requirements when properly configured.

Sprinter Siren

The new Sprinter™ Siren features a pocket-sized control head that can be easily mounted where space is limited. The Sprinter control head is ergonomically designed and easy to use, especially in “quick-response” situations. The backlit control head allows the officer to easily select the light and siren functions.

The amplifier is also compact with a small footprint and low profile—also ideal where space is limited. The entire unit is solidly constructed with the amplifier and control head passing environmental EMC testing. As an added bonus, the powerful Sprinter is both SAE J1849 and California Title 13 compliant. The Sprinter also has increased cooling capabilities and power surge protection, ensuring long life. The Sprinter Siren has primary tones of Wail, Yelp, Hi-Lo and Manual. The siren operates on 12 Volts and has a five-year warranty.

Citadel LED Lighting System

Code 3 recently introduced the Citadel™ LED lighting system designed for additional protection on the rear of the new Ford Police Interceptor Utility and Chevrolet Tahoe. The Citadel features six single XT4 lightheads in single, split, or multicolor flashing that span across the exterior of the rear window, providing additional lighting for the rear of the vehicle. The Citadel is easily installed (about 25 minutes) and does not require the installer to drill any holes. The Citadel mounts on the rear spoiler of the vehicle.

Independent LED Steady Burn Light

The Independent LED Steady Burn Light is a versatile light that can be used as additional front-end lighting, including on the push bumper of any police vehicle. This small light has high impact when used as an additional alley light, takedown, spotlight or scene light. With universal bracketing this light can be mounted in many locations on the vehicle.

The Independent LED Steady Burn Light features seven white LEDs with a clear lens for maximum light output. Black aluminum die-casting around the light provides maximum durability and the light is effectively sealed to keep any moisture out. Operating at 1.5 amps, the Independent LED Steady Burn Light is 2 ¼ inches wide, 2.5 inches tall, and 3 inches deep. The kit includes one light, brackets and screws. 

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Mar/Apr 2013

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