Whelen Micro Pioneer Work Series Work/Scene Light

Whelen’s Micro Pioneer™ lights using Super-LED® technology are designed as a flexible alternative for special applications and smaller vehicles. The Micro Pioneer’s housing is cast aluminum, providing impact protection and heat dissipation, and powder coated in thick black or white enamel. Four lenses are provided allowing the end-user to choose the best lighting pattern for his / her application, from spot to various flood patterns. 

Compact in size, waterproof and ruggedly constructed, the Micro Pioneer is obviously well-suited for mounting on police vehicle push-bumpers. Since my agency doesn’t utilize push-bumpers, I set out to see how the Micro Pioneers would work if mounted behind the honeycomb grille of my 2010 Ford Police Interceptor.

I decided to install Whelen’s Pioneer Flasher to see how the lamps would perform in the warning role. Again, the flasher is simple to wire and allows for steady-burn or flashing of the lights in a number of patterns. I took care to aim and level the lamps.

The light from the Micro Pioneers was bright, even, crisp and white. At 3600 lumens per light, there was no question they were far more effective than my headlights and takedown lights.  With all white lamps illuminated, the “wall of light” created was impressive and overwhelming to the observer. I could see much better and there were virtually no dark spots or shadows directly to the front of the car. The corona was impressive as well and provided substantial peripheral lighting. Even though the Micro Pioneers were mounted behind the grille, there was no noticeable negative effect on output.

The enhanced lighting nearly tripled the distance I could see when driving. A good set of halogen high-beam headlamps, with clear lenses and a fresh bulb, allows for about 300 feet of sight distance when driving. Given the average stopping distance of police vehicles and the normal perception-reaction times of un-fatigued, focused drivers, you are out-driving your headlights at just 60 mph. With the Micro Pioneers activated, I could easily see nearly 900 feet ahead and all reflective lines and signage were illuminated for at least a half mile. Not only could I see further ahead, I could see more of the roadway, more overhead, and more to the sides. 

Micro Pioneers excel at overall scene lighting. I responded to a serious motor vehicle crash only to find the fire department responded with an older truck, one with no apparatus-mounted auxiliary workspace lighting. I used the Micro Pioneers to illuminate the entire scene, over 200 feet of roadway, allowing fire and medical personnel to do their work. Without the need for a flashlight, I was able to take notes, check for roadway evidence, and look through the wrecked car. Another officer was able to administer field sobriety tests to the driver using the generous illumination. 

Considering the new Ford police sedan and SUV offerings, as well as Dodge’s Durango SSV cannot accommodate headlight flashers, adding Micro Pioneers would be an excellent alternative. These lights would be especially useful for any agency tasked with rural and off-road patrolling, including Sheriff’s Departments, Wildlife Resources, Park Services, and Border Patrol. Give your fleet a powerful lighting tool with Whelen’s Micro Pioneers and see what

  • Die-cast aluminum housing
  • Powder-coated black or white
  • Solid-state electronics
  • Rated to last 100,000 hours
  • 8° spotlight lens
  • 90° x 20° wide flood lens
  • 40° x 20° flood lens
  • 40° x 8° horizontal flood lens
  • Optic lens can be easily changed
  • Over 3600 lumens
  • IP Rating of 67
  • 12.8VDC standard, draws 4 amps
  • 24VDC available, draws 2 amps
  • Powder-coated stainless-steel bail bracket
  • 3/8” stud carriage bolt mount
  • Five-year HDP® Heavy-Duty Professional warranty.
  • 1.7 lbs.


you’ve been missing.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Nov/Dec 2012

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