General Information - Exhibitors

Do you manufacture or supply equipment or services for police pursuit vehicles or police fleets?

If so, Police Fleet Expo ® is an ideal opportunity for you to expand your business because it will:

  • Allow you to meet face-to-face with hundreds of the most influential potential customers: police fleet managers.
  • Saves your company money by meeting with this target audience all in one location compared to spending thousands of dollars traveling around the country to meet with them.
  • Expand your marketing power. We have the promotional power of the industry’s leading trade publications to keep this show a success! Police Fleet Manager Magazine now reaches more than 17,000 (and growing) police fleet managers. This is an ideal dual-edge marketing tool to get your product(s) accepted and then purchased.
  • Provide the potential opportunity that every attendee who walks through the exhibit hall entrance is a prospective customer.
  • Save your company money because Police Fleet Expo is not an association; therefore there are no extra association fees to pay. Plus you will receive lower hotel rates because of the locations selected.
  • Allow vehicle and equipment manufacturers, police equipment suppliers, police fleet managers and other industry contributors a direct line for input into the make-up of the EXPO. This expo is "designed by the industry, for the industry." We have already incorporated many new value added activities to the show that were brought to us by various industry contacts and we are interested in hearing from you as well.
  • Provide vehicle manufacturers extensive presentation time and other equipment and service providers an opportunity to be involved with panel discussions, general topic discussions and hands-on training sessions.
  • Provide extensive marketing to allow each exhibitor to highlight "what’s new" from your group and direct attendees to your booth location and/or training sessions in which your product will be discussed.
  • Allow additional sponsorship opportunities.

Join vehicle manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, as well as other Police Fleet Managers at Police Fleet Expo. Police Fleet Expo is the only organized, designed and operated expo by the Police Fleet Community, for the Police Fleet Community.

Now you can be informed and gather valuable information you need from industry experts to help you and your company grow and prosper... Don't be left behind!

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