Ride & Drive Event

Monday, August 19, 2013
Charlotte Motor Speedway (CMS)

What should you expect from the Ride & Drive during the 2013 Police Fleet Expo in Charlotte? Well, consider what went on at the 2012 Ride & Drive. Every police package sedan, crossover and SUV was fueled up, warmed up and ready for a run around an easy to follow cone course. Same again!

Do you wonder how the Ford Police Interceptor Sedan with the twin-turbo EcoBoost compares to the Charger HEMI and the Caprice 6.0L V8? They will all be there for you to find out.

With gasoline back to $4, you may wonder how one sedan with a V8 compares to the same sedan with a V6. For the police sedans with more than one engine option, both versions of the police car were available for side by side comparison. How does the Charger V8 compare to the Charger V6? The Caprice V8 to Caprice V6? The Ford PI V6 to the Ford PI EcoBoost V6? Just take a ride and drive!

How roomy are these next generation police vehicles? With all of them parked side by side, you can literally climb in each one – go from the smallest sedan to the largest SUV. How do the Front Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive and All Wheel Drive police vehicles compare? Can you really tell a difference? Vehicles with all three drivetrains – and all about the same horsepower – await you!

New for 2013, you will have a handy-size spec for every police package vehicle. The description and specs for the vehicle are on one side, and the other side is left blank for you to take notes.

In addition to the driving the cars, the PFE Ride & Drive also includes an Upfitter’s Alley. All of the major aftermarket accessory companies will have static displays of their upfitting solutions. Company officials will be standing by to answer questions and explain their products. Chevy, Dodge and Ford will also have static displays that include the special service package and administration vehicles.

Last year, we had special appearances by NASCAR race drivers, sponsored by Chevy, Dodge and Ford. Some race drivers signed autographs. Some drivers took attendees for the ride of their lives around the cone course. We are working with the car companies to do that all over again.  See you in Charlotte!

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