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Virtual Driver InteractivePublic Safety Agencies Offer Educational Lifesaving Outreach Programs with Innovative Simulation-Based Distracted and Impaired Driving Training Programs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: EL DORADO HILLS, CA – March, 2015: Virtual Driver Interactive, Inc.(VDI), the leading provider of simulation training solutions for commercial and education applications, offers public safety lifesaving educational training products and programs: One Simple Decision® and Virtual Hazard Detection®

VDI's safety training products and programs are designed to combat critical highway safety problems. One Simple Decision (OSD), is an innovative simulation-based distracted and impaired driving program where actual law enforcement, judicial and medical personnel interact with the driver to modify driving behavior by illustrating the consequences of choices made behind the wheel. One Simple Decision also tracks driving violations in real time displaying them on the screen as they occur. Driving violations captured include speeding, swerving, running stop signs or signal lights, making wrong turns, driving in the bike or center lanes, etc. Virtual HD, the industry’s first voice-controlled, interactive, simulation-based driver safety program is designed to improve hazard recognition skills and reduce crash risk for many of the top commercial fleets.

Public safety agencies such as law enforcement, fire and EMS expand community outreach programs by helping their community drivers practice safe driving protocols through realistic, yet peril free simulation. Agencies are dedicating resources to educate the public regarding safe driving habits and have conducted numerous programs relating to impaired and distracted driving. Programs target all age groups, with the main focus being teen drivers. VDI simulators fill the need by being portable, interactive, realistic and associated with both impaired and distracted driving. VDI’s VT Touch Simulator and One Simple Decision (OSD) programs are systems that can be set up in a mobile education trailer for large scale events or departments can take to a classroom for small presentations. The OSD software is extremely engaging which helps keep the attention of young users. The driver simulation scenarios go beyond just driving aimlessly like other simulators and communicates, through first-person video, the consequences of bad choices made behind the wheel. 

Some recent law enforcement agencies purchasing VDI simulators with One Simple Decision software include LAPD, Michigan and Illinois State Police, Colorado State Patrol, Pasadena and Brownsville, TN PD, the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety, Barron County Sherrif, WI and many more. Both Brownsville PD and Barron County Sherrif not only purchased the One Simple Decision software but also the award-winning boating software to provide both safe boating and driving training for their communities.

Virtual Driver Interactive will showcase One Simple Decision and Virtual Hazard Detection simulation programs at the Lifesavers Conference in Chicago, booth #303. The Lifesavers 2015 Conference will be at the Hyatt Regency Hotel on March 16th and 17th. It is the largest national gathering of highway safety professionals in the United States celebrating 33 years of delivering solutions to today’s critical safety problems. VDI is pleased to continue to support the conference and, like Lifesavers, is committed to share the common goal of improving highway safety. For more information on the Lifesavers Conference

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More about Virtual Driver Interactive - Virtual Driver Interactive (VDI) is well known in the simulation industry for its vision of innovative simulation-based training. From training experienced corporate fleets to new teen drivers, VDI delivers effective training. VDI offers highly portable, affordable and effective solutions. Titles include Virtual HD® (Virtual Hazard Detection), designed specifically for corporate fleets; One Simple Decision®, a deterrent to distracted or impaired driving; Virtual DE™ (Virtual Driving Essentials), a driver training and assessment program teaching critical skills; and Boating Skills VT™ (Boating Skills Virtual Trainer), industry’s leading simulation-based boating safety program. VDI is a privately-held company headquartered in El Dorado Hills, California. For more information about VDI’s innovative interactive simulation driver training solutions. 

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