Dynamic Systems Total Track™ System

Dynamic Systems, Inc. announced a system for tracking assets, inventory, evidence, documents, and equipment. This solution can be used by public safety agencies such as Sheriffs, Police, FBI, CIA, Security, SWAT, and Corrections. The All In One Total Track™ System is a barcode tracking solution that replaces sign -sheets. The modules included in the All Inclusive Total Track™ System are evidence, document, equipment, e-Citation, and ID Badge Printer Systems. Barcode data collection has been proven to be the most accurate and efficient method of tracking or counting items.

The program tracks equipment and reports when an inspection is due on items such as laptops, weapons, tasers and vests, and keeps track of the expiration dates of consumables such as OC Spray or batteries. The module will also locate calibration certificates quickly. The inventory module will keep track of class B items such as batons, masks, gloves, and handcuffs. The evidence system keeps track of chain-of-custody; the e-Citation automates the citation process utilizing barcode and mobile computers.

For more information, visit www.dynamic-systemsinc.com.


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