Pryme Bluetooth Products & Accessories

Three new Bluetooth products were added to the already robust PrymeBlu® line in 2014. Pryme’s second-generation Bluetooth push-to-talk button, the BT-PTT2, is smaller, lighter, and has a longer battery life—all at a reduced cost to previous models. Also new for 2014 is the BTH-SPM100 wireless Bluetooth speaker microphone, which brings simplicity to the forefront and is excellent for use in industries outside of the first responder. Users can integrate the BTH-SPM100 with various Android (tablet and cell phone) apps, including Skype.

Pryme’s new CEL-QD1 adapter, a radio accessory supports the use of commercial grade earpieces with multiple two-way radios. With the CEL-QD1, standard Apple-product earpieces and noise-cancelling headsets can transmit radio communications, which is especially useful for undercover operations. The CEL-QD1 is also compatible with the PrymeBlu® Push-to-Talk device. A new aviation-style version of Pryme’s racing dual-muff headset, the HBB-EM series, was made after airport customers requested a noise-canceling version.

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