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CFM 11 Tablet

Romig, Hilary

Cap Fleet Mobility and Durabook team up.


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Police Discipline: Part Four, Steps of Progressive Discipline

Koziol, Joseph

The internal affairs function is a three-step process. First, properly handling the.....


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Grant Writing Guide for 2016-2017

Stephenie Slahor

Whether city, county, state or tribal law enforcement, the fact remains that grants.....


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Source of Good Ideas

Terry, Dan

Solutions can be found when the input from those officers on the front line, in the.....


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Homeland Security: The Belt Railway

Kathy Marks

The Belt Railway is the largest intermediate switching terminal railroad station.....


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Rising Above Adversity

Guerin, Larry

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” – Jean Baptiste Moliere


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Public Safety Versus Revenue Center

Petras, Christopher, Lisa Grace

Your department mission statement says to ‘Serve and Protect’ but, in reality, is.....


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Officer Safety – The Leader’s Role

Dale Stockton

Officer safety is everyone’s job including front line supervisors and FTOs. However,.....


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Predictive Policing

Kathy Marks

When done right, departments using predictive policing solutions have not been overwhelmed.....


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