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Duty Gear recently announced the introduction of their Model 6004USN, SLS

(Self Locking System) Low Signature Tactical Holster. Capitalizing on the features of the best-selling 6004 Tactical Thigh Rig and the newly introduced 6378USN, the 6004USN features Thermal-molded SafariLaminate™ construction with a twist: It has a Cordura


nylon covering offered in a variety of finishes and is designed to provide a low signature to infrared lighting.

The molded sight track and soft suede lining help protect the gun’s sights and finish, and the dual strap leg shroud with mounting holes allows for optional accessories to be mounted to the rig. The Self Locking System’s rotating hood provides retention capabilities and its snap-free design allows for a quick and smooth single-motion draw. The SLS mechanism is composed of stainless steel and chemical-resistant plastic, and is designed with extra tolerances and clearing ports to function under extreme environmental conditions.

Like the weapon it encloses, the SLS mechanism is a mechanical device and could require cleaning and lubrication if exposed to extremely dirty conditions; mud, dry sand, and airborne grit may cause the need for additional force to operate the SLS rotating hood. According to the Safariland brand, these same conditions usually render the weapon useless before the hood is affected. It is recommended that the SLS mechanism be cleaned and lubricated every time users inspect, clean, and lubricate their handguns.

The 6004USN is currently offered for the following gun models: Glock Models 17 and 22 with and without SureFire X200/X300 lights and the Model 1911-style pistols with and without SureFire X200/X300/X400 lights. The SLS is available in STX Tactical® Black, Foliage Green, OD Green, FDE Brown, or Coyote Brown finishes. The MSRP is between $205 and $220.

The 6004USN secures to any belt easily via hook and loop attachments and straps. The holster’s drop can also be adjusted easily with the use of straps and hook and loop. The two leg straps are elastic, easily adjustable, and comfortable. The buckles securing the leg straps are plastic and work well. Other items such as pouches for distraction devices, blow-out kits, knives or multi-tools, and magazines can also be attached to the holster via the platform of the holster system.

The SLS holster design is both simple and secure. During the hands-on evaluation, the Glock was placed in the form-fitting holster, which held the weapon by the retention adjustment screw at the bottom of the holster. The weapon was secured in the holster via the top with a thumb tab and hammer strap.

After inserting the weapon and maintaining a firing grip with the finger indexed properly outside the trigger guard, the shooter presses down firmly on the tab with the thumb. This rolls the hammer strap rearward covering the back of the slide, thus locking the SLS system and securing the firearm. To draw the weapon, the shooter simply secures a firing grip, indexes the trigger finger, presses down upon the thumb tab, and rolls the hammer strap forward, unlocking the SLS system.

The Safariland SLS Tactical Holster was evaluated on and off for a month, which included four days of Subject Control Training in the police academy. During this period, the weapon was drawn in excess of 300 times. Its retention was also tested during ground fighting and grappling, where the evaluator taught a multitude of techniques and tactics. In this training theater, the holster kept the weapon secured for over two minutes while the subject was grappling with a large cadet attempting to disarm him.

The only negative aspect of the Safariland SLS is the distinct sound when holstering and drawing. This sound could potentially be a drawback if the operator is trying to be covert and is required to draw a sidearm during a mission. Overall, the Safariland 6004USN SLS Tactical Holster is an excellent system, which any tactical operator should consider before purchasing a rig for their handgun.


Jim Weiss is a retired lieutenant from the Brook Park, Ohio Police Department and a frequent contributor to


. Mickey Davis is a California-based writer and author.

Published in Law and Order, May 2014

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