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In today’s world of limited budgets, having a land mobile radio network that supports true component interoperability is just as important to public safety agencies as the coverage itself. The CORP25 digital trunked Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network from Cassidian Communications, an EADS North America company, is a solution that gives agencies the freedom to choose equipment from multiple vendors, so they can get the right equipment at the right price. A cornerstone of the Cassidian Communications mission-critical portfolio, the CORP25 solution is standards-compliant, completely open and the industry’s only true non-proprietary P25 network. Fully embracing the P25 goals of interoperability and component competition, the CORP25 solution provides “true choice” to customers such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) O Division, the City of Richardson, Texas, and others who have utilized competitive procurements to eliminate the proprietary premiums some vendors place on radios, consoles, and other non-core components. Plus, their support of Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standards, including IP, SIP and RTP, makes it possible to use off-the-shelf switches, routers and other network components, allowing users to leverage existing network assets and further break away from the proprietary hardware and software restrictions of other vendors.

IP-based from the consoles all the way through to the repeaters, CORP25 simplifies network management and serviceability, letting users remotely monitor and manage system assets to reduce the time required to correct a problem. The IP-based CORP25 system is unique in its ability to support the addition of new functions and applications with software upgrades only—providing a simple and cost-effective path for the integration of new features and technologies without the cost of replacing the existing hardware infrastructure.

The distributed architecture of CORP25 solution allows continued wide area trunked and dispatch operations over the IP network, even in the event of multiple failures including the loss of all system controllers. The distributed architecture of CORP25 also makes it ideal for a wide variety of network configurations and operational requirements. Supporting multiple frequency bands and both simulcast and multicast modes of operation, CORP25 can easily be scaled from a single site to multiple sites in order to best meet a department’s expansion needs. “It’s the right tool for the right price,” said Mike Doerk, Product Portfolio Manager at Cassidian.


Buncombe County, N.C.

Since the fall of 2013, Buncombe County, N.C. has been utilizing Cassidian’s CORP25 digital, trunked P25 Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network for enhanced public safety communications and response. Covering a 660-square-mile area between the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains, including the city of Asheville, this new, 12-site network enables secure, reliable radio communication for the county’s first responders, as well as government and public works users.

Selected to replace Buncombe County’s aging radio system, the CORP25 solution includes infrastructure, design, engineering, installation, long-term managed services, and 24/7 maintenance and support. As a truly open, P25 standards compliant solution, CORP25 made it possible for the county to utilize competitive procurements for its mobile and portable radios as well as other key network elements. This “unbundled” approach allowed the county to reduce the total cost of ownership, increasing the overall economic value of the new network.

“We wanted a radio communications solution that would give us maximum flexibility to build the best network, with the best equipment, at the best price,” said Jerry VeHaun, director of emergency management, Buncombe County. “Cassidian Communications’ CORP25 system does all that and delivers the increased capacity, enhanced coverage and interoperability our public safety responders need.”

According to Doerk, Cassidian received a “fantastic response” from Buncombe County once they started using CORP25. Buncombe cited a significant increase in coverage and better voice quality compared to the older system they were using. Coverage in that Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountain region was difficult in the past due to the diverse terrain.

“CORP25 delivers the improved spectral efficiency, increased capacity, enhanced coverage and interoperability necessary to support our deputies in the field,” said Sheriff Van Duncan, Buncombe County. “In addition, this IP-based network will evolve with us as our needs change, keeping the county safely on the front edge of mission critical communications.”


City of Richardson, Texas

Cassidian Communications announced full system acceptance of its CORP25 digital, trunked, P25 Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network by the City of Richardson, Texas. System acceptance confirms delivery and full compliance of the turnkey, simulcast, Project 25 (P25)-based radio network according to the City’s operational requirements. The CORP25 solution includes hardware, software, system engineering, installation and optimization, as well as long-term Managed Services, and 7/24 maintenance and support. Already, the City migrated all general government users onto the network and is preparing to cut over the public safety users next.

Selected to replace the city’s aging analog radio system, the new digital CORP25 solution is the industry’s only true non-proprietary P25 solution. One hundred percent standards-compliant, the interoperable CORP25 radio solution enabled the City of Richardson to fully utilize competitive procurements for its mobile and portable radios as well as other key network elements, allowing the city to choose best-in-class equipment from multiple vendors. This “unbundled” approach benefited Richardson in terms of both reduced costs and improved quality of all equipment—further reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and increasing the overall economic value of the new network.

“Open standards enabled us to use new strategies in purchasing, which saved substantial amounts of money in comparison to the old-fashioned, one vendor approach to purchasing,” said Steve Graves, chief information officer for the City of Richardson. “The CORP25 system is based on the purely open-standards model we were looking for, and the gear is compact, well-suited to our data-centric environment and of the highest quality.”

Since the CORP25 system is based on advanced IP technology, it allowed the city to easily integrate it into existing data networks and data centers without problem. According to Doerk, Richardson tested 30 different radios on Cassidian’s COPR25 solution and they all worked.

Flexible and scalable, the Cassidian Communications radio solution offered the City of Richardson the power of true choice, simple and efficient network management and cost-effective migration to future applications and services.

“The City of Richardson obtained a best-in-class solution for a fraction of the original cost estimates and was able to put those cost savings back into the community,” said Chuck Sackley, vice president and general manager for Cassidian Communications Land Mobile Radio.

A customer of Cassidian Communications since 1992, the City of Richardson already uses the company’s VESTA® emergency call processing solution, the MagIC™ management information solution, the ORION™ MapStar™ mapping solution and the REVERSE 911® emergency notification system. With the final acceptance of the CORP25 solution, Richardson’s public safety communications network is now ready to handle more than 7,000 calls in an average day.


Downriver Community Conference

Downriver Community Conference on behalf of Downriver Mutual Aid (DMA), a consortium of 16 municipalities in lower Wayne County, Mich., chose Cassidian to provide a digital, trunked P25 Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system for public safety communications. The 800 MHz simulcast CORP25 radio network provides mission critical communications for police, fire and emergency rescue responders from each of the DMA communities. The multi-year contract includes hardware, software, system engineering, installation and maintenance through 2022.

Selected to replace the DMA’s existing analog system, the standards-based CORP25 network will interoperate with the state-owned Michigan’s Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS) network, as well as enable efficient network management and lower operational costs.

“The Cassidian Communications CORP25 solution allows us to remain financially independent and maintain control over our own network, while taking us to the next level of public safety communications,” said Kim Donahey, Chief Financial Director, Downriver Community Conference (DCC).

Currently, the DMA communities also utilize the Cassidian Communications Sentinel® Patriot® call processing solution in their 9-1-1 call centers. Based on critical communications standards, the Sentinel Patriot solution is designed expressly for next generation 9-1-1 applications.

“We are confident that our fully open CORP25 network will provide the operational and economic freedom that DMA requires, while ensuring that all emergency responders have the most efficient and reliable communications they need to keep the communities of Downriver safe,” said Bob Freinberg, Chief Executive Officer, Cassidian Communications.

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