Can Can Concealment Holsters for Women

For years, women have had to make due with concealed carry gear designed for men.


Alison Scutte and Darlene Cahill became frustrated by the lack of options for women and decided to design their own concealed carry line made especially for women.

“Women are typically curvier than men and I could never find anything comfortable or feminine to conceal my weapon,” Cahill commented. “It was impossible to find something that would fit into a woman’s casual or business wardrobe.”


“Most of the ‘made for women’ holsters I tried were uncomfortable, awkward and sometimes painful,” Scutte said.


So the two friends, with a vision inspired by comfortable women’s shape wear, developed a made-for-women line, which is expanding rapidly. Launched in mid-2013, they had no idea how fast Can Can Concealment would take off.

Can Can Concealment’s mission statement is simple: to help women protect themselves and the ones they love by providing a secure, stylish and comfortable holstering system that they will want to use every day.



Hip Hugger for Off-Duty

Both passionate about concealed carry, Scutte and Cahill started with the Hip Hugger and Corset concepts. Available in small, medium, large and extra large, these holsters conform to fit women of all body types. They even offer optional Size Extenders so that every woman can have a custom fit.


The Hip Hugger Holster allows carry of up to four firearms and three magazines at the same time. It can be worn for front or back and right, left or cross draw. The Hip Hugger Holster, part of their classic collection, is perfect for all micro and sub-compact guns up to 6 inches and 16 ounces.


Designed to fit a woman’s curves, the Corset Holster combines the slimming benefits of shape wear with the security of personal concealment. This was designed with the professional woman in mind as a foundation piece under business attire.


Big SheBang for Duty Size

“Shortly after these items launched, we received a surprising number of calls from female law enforcement officers looking for an off-duty holster that would fit their issued sidearm,” Scutte stated. “That’s when The Big SheBang was born. This is Can Can’s solution for women who carry larger weapons.”

It will conceal large firearms up to 32 ounces including most police-issued 9mm guns. Equipped with two magazine pockets and a cell phone pocket (large enough for a Droid with an Otterbox), this holster has revolutionized the flexible, inside waistband carry.


Can Can Concealment also offers Garter Holsters that are both practical, pretty and offer a real solution for under-skirt carry. “Our customers come from all over the country and range from new moms, to police officers, to empty nesters,” Scutte noted. “Every holster is designed for a woman’s body with the focus on safety, comfort and accessibility.”


“We recently added a Garter Belt that attaches to the Garter Holster for enhanced security during daily activities and undercover work,” Cahill elaborated. “Think of it as an under-skirt version of a tactical drop leg holster.”


State Trooper Input

After Cahill completed a recent four-day self-defense course at FrontSight with Alaska State Troopers, the women added an additional safety feature: reholstering tabs for a no-look re-holster. Other unique features standard across all Can Can holsters include magnetic weapon retention for extra security, military-grade compression elastic, silicone Non-Slip Tacti-Grip, and three-row hook & eye closures for the perfect fit.

From experience, they know what women want and need in concealed carry wear. Every holster will accommodate at least two firearms and include convenient pockets for both protection and personal items. You can stow magazines, knives, a cell phone, keys, money, pepper spray or even a lipstick. Beyond functionality, Can Can’s options are shape-wear inspired, figure-flattering, and come in a variety of bright, fun colors.


“At one time, holster manufacturers only catered to men,” Scutte said. “That’s changing dramatically as more and more women are taking personal protection into their own hands. Our holsters allow both female law enforcement officers and civilians to carry confidently with a safe, sophisticated self-defense system that fits like a glove.”


Hand-made in the USA by women, Can Can is passionate about employing locally. As their business grows, Scutte and Cahill have plans to create a manufacturing center in Tampa, Fla. employing local craftsmen to construct their products. With the intent to provide women with a safe, comfortable and feminine option for concealed carry, Can Can Concealment is successfully filling a niche in the growing market of women’s self defense accessories.


Kelly Diedring Harris is the public relations representative for Can Can Concealment and may be reached at

Published in Law and Order, May 2014

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