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Most people view the use of cameras in patrol cars primarily as a way to collect evidence and protect officers from false accusations. But, video technology goes beyond that by enhancing officer safety and professionalism, improving agency accountability, and assisting in prosecution and case resolution. The following companies provide high-quality video systems to the public safety sector.


Coban Technologies

Developing a motorcycle video solution is a unique challenge in that it essentially requires the capabilities of an in-car system with the added harsh vibrations and weather conditions that come with being on a motorcycle. Certified to meet military specifications, Coban’s Edge MC’s solid-state architecture is designed with those conditions in mind.

Houston-based Coban’s solution is durable but still compact, and compatible with other Coban video systems in the fleet. The system’s FailSafe dual hard drive ensures that even in the event of an accident, the video can be retrieved. One of the standout features is the Edge MC’s RFID log-in, which allows users quick and secure access to the system controls. Video tagging and management can be done through the simple user interface, and the option to upload video or initiate system updates wirelessly or manually.

Key features include that it supports two cameras, with compact, versatile mounting options, and it’s weatherproof. The microphone has 900 MHz and is clear up to 1,000 ft., with up to 10 hours talk time; a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with three-day standby time; and a 21-day hibernate mode. The monitor is dust-resistant with glove-friendly buttons, offers anti-glare, and has built-in RFID for rapid log-in. It costs less than $5,500 per system.



As a Safety Vision company, ICOP is a provider of mobile video solutions for the law enforcement, military and Homeland Security markets. The ICOP Model 20/20-W is a digital in-video recorder system capable of live streaming video to multiple authorized viewers for real-time situational awareness. With a 40 GB vehicle-grade removable hard drive or a 32 GB solid-state drive in a shock-resistant case, and offers up to 128GB solid-state memory options. The ICOP Model 20/20-W provides up to 16 hours of real-time recording in high resolution mode.

ICOP’s Model 20/20W offers a handlebar mounted two-button auxiliary control unit for quick-access to most commonly used features, such as record, stop, power and mark; support for video multiple upload methods, including a removable hard drive, wireless (using 5GHz 802.11n) or Ethernet; operates up to three cameras and three audio sources and records up to two cameras simultaneously. You can also “mark” exact event locations (with GPS). 

Houston-based ICOP’s system is built rugged to withstand the rigors of law enforcement motorcycle duty. The proprietary software prevents unauthorized access and editing of video and protects chain of custody. Its high-performance purpose-built wireless microphone is designed from the ground up for law enforcement use.

It offers ease of use—all commonly used functions are either automated, or available within one to two button presses. It also features a password-protected electronic lock on the faceplate and in-vehicle classification codes (customizable by system administrators), for easy video search and retrieval.  


The ICOP Extreme Wireless Mic uses 900 MHz transceiver, with automatic activation and a range greater than 2,000 feet with a direct line of sight and includes belt clip. The wireless microphone uses frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) narrowband FM, providing privacy, security and interference avoidance. The dual microphone ICOP Extreme Mic base charges up to two mics.

It offers multiple activation triggers: manual, or automatic in conjunction with lights, siren or wireless microphone, collision, or up to three additional auxiliary inputs.  

Pricing varies based on configuration, approximately $4,795.


Kustom Signals Inc.

Kustom Signal’s Road Warrior is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of motorcycle use. It provides officers the ability to capture video regardless of vehicle type. Easy-to-use controls allow riders to keep their eyes on the road.

Motorcycle officers also need the protection of an on-board video system. Rather than a modified in-car system, Lenexa, Kan.-based Kustom Signal’s Road Warrior was specifically designed to withstand the harsh weather and environmental conditions of a police motorcycle. The compact DVR and wireless audio base mount securely in the saddle bag or radio box, while the waterproof controller and camera are seamlessly integrated at the front of the bike for simple/safe operation.

It is compact and lightweight. It features ExpanseDSS wireless audio supplements video recordings; total power consumption is 1 amp; and the automatic record function triggers include emergency lights, siren and wireless mic. Kustom Signal’s Raptor RP-1 offers high-performance and a small profile.

The Raptor RP-1 with DuraTrak quickly acquires targets at great ranges. Directional capability allows you to monitor vehicles from approaching or receding for maximum performance and easy use.

Patented feature includes DuraTrak Target Tracking, providing added confidence in target identification. TruTrak VSS interface enables automated mode switching between moving and stationary modes, eliminating shadowing and patrol combining. Smart Patrol Search operates when the speedometer input is not connected to reduce shadowing and patrol combining when coming out of hold mode.

It features directional K and Ka band radar, DuraTrak Target Tracking, TruTrak with automatic mode switching; LCD display and backlight make Raptor easy to use in direct sunlight or at night; waterproof display and antennas and online operator training. It is also available with single or dual antennas, K or Ka-band.

Kustom Signal’s ProLaser 4 is a high-performance handheld LIDAR with specifically designed motorcycle holster. Designed for the ultimate precision experience, the new ProLaser 4 delivers unmatched target acquisition, range and performance. Superior optics, advanced software, and a narrow beam width provide exceptional performance. Ergonomically designed, the rugged, forward-sweep pistol grip and trigger angle provide a balanced fit. The unit is specifically angled to align your hand, arm, eyes and target while ensuring a comfortable, secure grip.

Key features include internal memory, fast target acquisition, great range (from 10 to 8,000 feet), a small, light profile (at only 2.5 pounds); a simple user interface with one-touch controls; a high-contrast OLED graphical display, and speed and range in HUD; and it comes with eight AA rechargeable batteries and charger.

It also features a rugged, forward-sweep pistol grip design and Hogue Cobblestone over-sleeve grip and proportioned finger grooves. It comes with a three-year warranty, and a motorcycle holster is available.


L-3 Mobile-Vision

Boonton, N.J.-based L-3’s CycleVision Digital Video Recording System for motorcycles offers the rugged reliability of solid-state memory enables motorcycle patrolmen the ability to record video and audio evidence. The solid-state advantages of L-3 Mobile-Visions proven Flashback2 Digital Video Recorder make it ideal for motorcycle or marine applications.

L-3 Mobile Vision’s Flashback3 CycleVision enables motorcycle patrols to record the same critical video and audio evidence that patrol cars capture. CycleVision combines three of the most important features your motor units need, according to the company. The lightweight and ultra-compact design allows for installation flexibility, and the high-quality D1 video captures clear, detailed video footage and the same automated wireless video uploads as the rest of your fleet—and you can actually move the unit back and forth between your vehicles and motorcycles, as it can be used with both. And the pre-event recording feature captures up to 60 seconds of video prior to record activation.

It offers solid-state media—it can withstand the constant shock and vibration associated with motorcycles and water crafts; a weatherproof monitor console that includes 3.5-inch color LCD monitor, a speaker with adjustable volume and backlit operational controls that duplicate the front panel controls of the Flashback DVR.

The weatherproof CycleVision camera has a 1/3-inch high-resolution color camera, 0.1 Lux with 3.8mm wide-angle lens and sunshield for glare reduction. It also features a patented VoiceLink Plus wireless microphone.

With in-vehicle incident classification, you have the ability to designate an incident (DUI, reckless, domestic, etc.) immediately after the incident is concluded. This classification (or priority level) is passed to the management solution in the agency where definable operational rules allow for the automated processing and categorization of specific classes of incidents.

A compact flash card is available in 8GB, 16GB or 32GB for storing eight to 32 hours of high-quality D1 Video.

The compact design allows for easy storage in the saddlebag and it draws less than 2 amps of power, so it won’t drain a motorcycle’s battery. It also will turn on with lights, sirens, configurable speed trigger or VLP wireless microphone.

There also is an optional package that provides cables and a switch for providing remote-start record capabilities, which is used when the monitor is permanently mounted in an enclosed compartment on the motorcycle. The switch is typically mounted on the handlebars.


Martel Electronics

Founded in 1957, Martel Electronics is a global manufacturer of police digital in-car mobile video systems. All Martel products are hand assembled by a highly experienced engineer, and each system is individually signed by that same craftsman as a symbol of pride and experience. As a premier outfitter for various electronics to all branches of law enforcement and the United States government, Martel strives to tailor their products to suit each agency’s individual needs.

The Martel DC3 Digital Cruiser is a compact video camera system that records directly to a 128GB SDHC card capable of holding 300 hours of recording time. It features easy-to-learn three-button operation, wireless police car camera downloading, and 802.11 wireless video-file transfer capabilities. A USB card reader is included for direct video downloading, and can be erased and re-used 1 million times. Pre-event recording captures up to two minutes of video before activation and easily documents probable cause. The new police car camera video marking feature allows the officer to “mark” the spot on the video for later reference. Event tags can be customized to each police camera system to meet an agency’s unique needs.

The 2.4 GHz digital wireless microphone features 40 digitals channels that allow numerous systems to operate in close proximity without interference, and automatically turns on when the system is activated. With Martel’s Police Camera Video Management Software, a two-hour video can be burned to a playable DVD for use in court cases in less than five minutes. The DC3 installs in minutes and is priced at $2,995.

Martel’s new DC3M Digital Cruiser Solid-State Motor Video System is a dual-camera system designed specifically for law enforcement professionals. The DC3M is built to withstand harsh conditions and with no moving parts, such as hard drives, buttons and toggle switches, offers an extended service life. Because the High Definition video is recorded in MPEG format, it is ready to burn to DVD, eliminating the hours of trans-coding needed by other systems. Touch-screen technology and a streamlined interface take the frustration out of using a camera system in your cycle.

The DC3M features a wireless 2.4GHz police microphone system that is built into a 5.0-inch waterproof touchscreen. The external waterproof camera system is color for daylight operations and has night vision capability for dark conditions. Optional Wireless Video Downloading provides automatic wireless download and transfer of video, and automates all evidence processing. Built to Military 810G specifications, the system is designed for installation on all motorcycle manufacturers and models. Advanced 128-bit security and SPI firewall protection safeguards both the video transfer and all computers on the network.

The DC3M records directly to a Solid State Secure Digital (SDHC) flash card that holds 8.5 hours of recording time on normal mode, and five hours on high resolution. Other features include a Pre-event Recording & Auto-Record Trigger and a mark button to flag important events (i.e. drunk driving or wanted suspect). The DC3M is firmware upgradeable, and offers Back Office Video Management Software options with no user fees. Perfect for every size police department, the DC3M Motorcycle Video System is priced at $3,999.00.

According to Jason Smith, Martel Electronics Law Enforcement Division, the major advantages of the DC3M are its compact waterproof touchscreen, dual front and rear cameras, and quick and easy wireless video transfer. Smith also points out that many agencies choose Martel because they prefer purchasing complete systems from one vendor to prevent costly repair and replacement. “Departments are tired of replacing low-quality patchwork systems combining components from different manufacturers that need to be switched out repeatedly. Even if the retailer offers an extended warranty for free, it’s too much trouble and leads to down time.”



WatchGuard Video

WatchGuard, based in Allen, Texas, announced a brand-new version of its 4RE in-car video system designed specifically for motorcycles. The new 4RE Motorcycle system features a compact, wide dynamic range camera, a 1,000 nit (units of visible light intensity) brightness touchscreen display packaged in a cast-aluminum waterproof enclosure, the industry’s first HiFi wireless microphone system and a saddlebag cable and mounting kit for the 4RE solid-state recorder.

The system is manufactured in the U.S. and uses only industrial/automotive temperature-range electrical components (instead of mere commercial-rated components), which gives 4RE the widest operating temperature range in the industry (-40oF to +185oF), according to the company.

The 4RE motorcycle system can be configured to transfer video wirelessly by utilizing the 4RE 802.11n radio system, or video can be transferred by using the redundant and secure removable USB flash drive. The system can be configured to work with either WatchGuard’s enterprise class Evidence Library 3 backend software or the new ELX Video Management Software, which is included for free. 


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