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TacticalRx is an independent, veteran-owned company in Denver, Colo. specializing in custom, handcrafted prescription tactical eyewear. Their goal is simple: to provide law enforcement officers, security personnel, and military units with prescription eyewear that meets their rigorous demands of both protection and performance, and the result is a unique product that has the ability to protect eyes and save lives. Until now, prescription-wearers have typically had few, limited options for protective eyewear in the field. Tactical Rx fundamentally revises those options. 

Enter Bret Hunter, owner and Master Lenscrafter at Tactical Rx—an Army veteran and extreme athlete who struggled to find eyewear to meet his needs. Over the past 20 years, Hunter has worked to develop a specialized process, which enables an optical prescription, intended for a flat lens, to be shaped into curved-format sport lens without any distortion. Other companies attempt this process, however Hunter’s proprietary optical formulas and adaptations are highly refined, providing cleaner optical perspectives and allowing the wearer fully functional peripheral vision.   

Tactical Rx also offers an inverted bifocal called the Almost Lens, which, for those whose near vision is weakening and have trouble acquiring 

the front sights on their handgun (or see their phone), custom-tunes the lens to focus the exact distance from the front sight to the shooter’s eye. 

For law enforcement officers requiring prescription glasses, their eyewear will contour around the eye providing physical protection; by having full use of his peripheral vision, just as he would with his naked eye, he expands his field of vision to better recognize and identify his surroundings. It is a point of performance, of safety, and without a doubt, of protecting one’s life and livelihood.

All Tactical Rx lenses, which are fully custom and handcrafted by Hunter, are made of high-index polycarbonate, which allow the lenses to be extremely lightweight, as thin as possible, and made to exceed ANSI z87 safety standards to protect against impact, shrapnel and debris. If needed, Tactical Rx can also craft lenses to exceed Mil-Spec Ballistic standards. They use an independent laboratory to test the safety standards of their lenses, and they also conduct extensive, in-house safety and durability testing. Each lens comes standard with full UV Block, and a scratch-resistance coating for increased durability.

In order to create a complete eyewear package, Tactical Rx crafts lenses with frames from Numa Sport Optics, Smith Optics Elite, Rudy Project Tactical and others. For those not requiring the performance specifications of a tactical frame, their aviator selection from Randolph Engineering are popular.

Whether Tactical Rx is working with an individual or with group orders from a department or agency, they will send out a selection of frames so customers can try them on for fit. There are a wide variety of lens styles to choose from, and depending on a customer’s intended use and the conditions in which they will be worn, there are certain lenses best suited to certain conditions. Tactical Rx staff, reached by phone or email, can help people choose the lens style that will best suit their needs.

Currently, Tactical Rx makes glasses for law enforcement officers around the country, including prescription eyewear for FBI tactical units. Tactical Rx frames begin at $89 and handcrafted prescription lenses at $195. A pair of arguably the world’s best tactical glasses can be had for around $300 and up. Plus, they extend a 20 percent discount to law enforcement officers.


Kyle Ross is with Tactical Rx, a division of Sports Optical and may be reached at tacticalrx@yahoo.com


Published in Law and Order, Mar 2014

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