DutySmith StreetForce Rapid Deployment Gear

An entirely new line of duty gear from DutySmith starts with Bob Hindi, veteran officer with Las Vegas Metro Police, enthusiastic product innovator and inventor of the Hindi Baton Cap™. He didn’t stop his street-wise product improvements with the baton. In fact, that early success began a lifelong search for more ergonomic police gear.

His goal has always been gear that actually works under all kinds of realistic patrol scenarios; gear that takes into account the almost instantaneous loss of finger dexterity that is a part of every high-stress encounter. After a decade of research into making more effective police gear, Hindi pitched his street-oriented gear to DutySmith and the result is Hindi’s second slam-dunk.

We carry a lot of life-saving gear on our duty belts, but it has to be accessed and deployed in order to save those lives. In fact, failure to quickly and reliably deploy those communications, less-lethal and lethal devices has indeed cost lives. Ask any firearms instructor. Ask any defensive tactics instructor.

Hindi has always been about rapid and effective deployment of everything we carry on our belts, from cuffs to OC, from TASER to baton, from the duty gun to spare magazines. Everyone knows that smooth is fast. Hindi has taken this to the next level: access equals speed—speed equals survival.    

The DutySmith StreetForce changes to ordinary duty belt gear are minor in nature but major in effect. The most dramatic improvement is to the flap. Instead of a single piece of leather, Kydex® or nylon webbing folded over the cop gear and snapped in place, the DutySmith flap is two pieces. The flap itself is hinged—it has a spring-loaded, detent-stopped hinge.

Once unsnapped, the flap swings up and fully open. The officer does not have to hold it open and out of the way, or even worse, unsnap the flap in one motion and then open the flap or hold it open in a second or third motion. Deployment is faster and more reliable, and so is re-holstering. The flap remains up, making it easier to replace whatever was drawn.

We all know officers who fold the flap open and tuck it behind the duty belt. Yes, access to the device is faster, but there is a total loss of security for the device. StreetForce holders bridge that gap between speed of deployment and total security—spring-loaded, unobstructed access with snapped flap security.

A more subtle but still street-relevant improvement is the protective ramp around the snap itself. When cuffs, OC or other gear is drawn up out of the holder, this ramp prevents the device from catching on the snap and causing it to be dropped. These snag-free interiors are a big deal…drop your cuffs just one time when you need them because the cuff caught on the old-style snap and you understand.

This is less of an issue with flaps secured with Velcro® and more of an issue with flaps using snaps. At this point, the DutySmith StreetForce gear will use snaps instead of Velcro since that hook-and-latch system wears with heavy use. DutySmith wants their spring-loaded flaps to remain fully closed until the officer wants them open. However, the StreetForce gear has the subdued, tactical look of a Velcro flap: The large snaps are not visible from the outside.

The DutySmith gear has other ergonomic improvements to speed deployment. The sides of the holder are contoured and scalloped to expose more of the device. Fingers grasp and draw the device instead of finger tips. The flap itself is wider than the holder, allowing the fingers to more easily grasp and open the flap.

The StreeForce gear uses large snaps, making the flap more secure. Large snaps are also easier to re-snap. Also important is the plastic tab at the front of the flap. These “sure-grip tabs” make it easier to unsnap the flap because it is a more secure grip point and it provides a larger space to insert your fingers. The belt loops are also wider, which makes the holder more stable. This secures the holder from tilting and moving while the fingers are trying to open the flap.

The core line of the StreetForce Rapid Deployment Gear will be available in April: OC pepper spray holder in both MK3 and MK4 size; handcuff case in both single and double cuff; baton holder and, of course, magazine holder, both single mag and double mag in three sizes each.

At launch, the StreetForce holders will be available in Plain Black, Black Basket Weave, and Black Nylon. Other colors and finishes, like High-Gloss Clorino and Brown, will come later. Additional holders will follow throughout the year, including radio holder, flashlight, gloves and keys.

Using a simple but brilliant idea, StreetForce gear passes the “actually works on the street, at night, in foul weather, under stress” test.


Published in Law and Order, Feb 2014

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