Intelligent Policing

Intelligent Policing
By: Sarah Bajek

Information is power. For public safety agencies, information is the power to better predict, prepare, and respond to crime. In recent years, a shift in mindset from reactive policing to more predictive models has led many agencies to adopt new methods and tools for intelligence-led policing.

Protecting communities today requires that law enforcement agencies have insight into the mountains of incident data they collect. Typically this information on people, vehicles and locations is gathered in an agency’s Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management, and Mobile Computing software.

Responding to the need for more effective intelligence, some public-safety software providers are leveraging technology to help agencies improve access to information in a way that provides actionable intelligence. This is helping public safety agencies across the country easily trend, analyze, and report on crime to make more informed decisions, enhancing operations and overall public safety.

Effective Intelligence

For law enforcement agencies, the most useful intelligence is timely information presented in the right way. It is information that answers a question and offers the means to quickly drill deeper into details for a better understanding. Effective intelligence provides a window into developing crime trends, helps command staff monitor operations, and provides the foundation for predictive analysis that forecasts patterns.

Because every second matters in public safety, New World Systems utilized best-practice data warehouse design and familiar Microsoft® technologies to make Aegis™ Decision Support and Dashboards, a robust and easy-to-use solution. Agencies can use Aegis Decision Support for: Analyzing and presenting information through dynamic ad-hoc reports; Locating trends and patterns on a map; At-a-glance intelligence through dashboards that combine reporting, analysis and mapping.

Whether it’s intelligence presented on highly configurable Dashboard gadgets, or through a user-friendly Microsoft Excel® report, users can easily drill down into even more information and save reports and dashboards to be automatically updated later.

New World’s Aegis Decision Support provides intelligence that agencies need to make important decisions about resource management, visualize relationships and patterns in time and location, and even justify the costs of improved or expanded services. The information provided by Aegis Decision Support, combined with statistical models and techniques, is also being used to plan crime reduction initiatives across the country. 

Real World Application: Fighting Crime with Information

Imagine predicting where the next traffic accident or home invasion will occur and being prepared to respond, or better yet, prevent the incident from happening. Harlingen Police Department, in south Texas, is doing just that with the help of New World’s software.

“From our policies to operations, everything we do is derived from intelligence-led policing,” said Sergeant David Osborne. “Since we started, we’ve had a 20 percent reduction in Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) part one crimes, and this year we’re continuing that trend. A large part of this is because of the intelligence we have from New World’s software.”

Harlingen Police Department is using New World’s software and Data-Driven Approaches to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDACTS), an operational model  supported by the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Bureau of Justice Assistance, and the National Institute of Justice, to reduce crime and traffic incidents. Combined with DDACTS, the intelligence available from Aegis Decision Support heat maps and reports have helped the Police Department identify five-year patterns in auto crashes and crime, and compare them with recent traffic incidents. With this real-time intelligence, the department has focused its efforts and resources where crime is most likely to occur, successfully lowering crime.

Harlingen Police Department is using New World’s Aegis Decision Support to examine information they have never been able to analyze before, and saving staff a significant amount of time. Reports on crashes or crimes that used to take hours or days to complete are now easily built and offer fast drill-down to further details. Decision Support has also helped the department better understand the details behind their UCR numbers.

Under the leadership of Police Chief Tom Whitten, Harlingen command staff has also created customized dashboards to stay on top of Department activities. “New World’s Decision Support Dashboard gadgets make knowing where your department stands regarding crime, officer proactive activity, warrant service, auto crashes, and other important positions a breeze,” said Assistant Chief of Police Stephen Scot Mayer. “At the click of a button, I can view a Dashboard that contains a holistic view of where the department stands at any given time.”

Making a Difference

New World’s Aegis Decision Support software is putting fast and accurate information at the fingertips of Harlingen officers and empowering them to make better decisions. By knowing where they are most likely to be needed at the right time, patrol officers are deterring criminal activity and keeping peace.

“The more information in the hands of our patrol officers and supervisors, the better equipped we are to do our jobs,” said Sergeant David Osborne. “With New World’s help, our guys on the road are always adjusting to crime trends and making an impact on the community.”

Sarah Bajek is the Marketing Communications Manager for New World Systems. She can be reached at

Aegis Decision Support Analytics

Using familiar Microsoft tools, agencies have access to dynamic reports and the ability to trend, analyze and present information quickly.

New World Aegis Decision Support Command Dashboard

Highly-configurable dashboards offer at-a-glance information to keep Command Staff and Supervisors informed.

Published in Law and Order, Apr 2013

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