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Recently, the national news media blistered a former FBI agent who claimed she saw angels at the Flight 93 crash site in Shanksville, Penn. in 2001. Who's to say she didn't experience the presence of angels there? Some of my New York and New Jersey colleagues claimed they experienced something serene and spiritual at Ground Zero. Do you think they just made those stories up? 

I have been in law enforcement for more than 40 years. I firmly believe that guarding angels exist and that they are definitely real. If it wasn't for them, and the guidance they provided, I probably wouldn't be here today and neither would other officers I know. Cops like to tell great stories, and I can tell you some good ones about deputies, city cops, rangers and troopers who claim they too owe their lives to their guarding angels. 

Can I prove the existence of angels? No. One the other hand, I have learned through experience that "proof" comes in many forms. Does the opinion of that former FBI agent count? For her, the horror of the crash site had spiritual overtones. Does my opinion count? I believe I have been "saved" or protected by angels on several occasions. I am still here writing stories and books most likely because my purposes in life have yet to be completely fulfilled. 

What about the hundreds of people I have met who openly share their belief in angels, especially at times of catastrophic disaster. On repeated occasions I have heard officers (and firefighters and nurses and soldiers) tell very similar stories. "A little voice told me to slow down." Or, "A little voice inside me said get out now!" And, more importantly, they always say THAT is what saved my life! So, where did those "little voices" come from if not from their guarding angels? 

Legend has it that we each have an angel assigned to protect us throughout our lifetime. Who is to say we don't? But people die! Yes, they do. Death is a tragedy no matter what the circumstances. But could that be people are taken because they've completed their "assignment" here? Might it be the "job" has been handled, as our colleagues say in New York, and it's time for that person to return to the glory from which he or she came? 

What's wrong with believing every life has a purpose and every human being has a spiritual presence standing by to help when most needed? What's wrong with acknowledging one of the most powerful angels in the realm, St. Michael the Archangel, is the patron of all police? Angels don't belong strictly to Christianity. Angels can be found in the traditions and cultures of many other religious groups including Mormons, Muslims and Jews. It's time to acknowledge the spiritual aspect of American law enforcement and the role angels play in the life of our police. 

Published in Law and Order, Dec 2012

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Angels Article

Posted on : Jan 28 at 8:36 AM By James McBride

Excellent article my good friend. What some in our world refuse to believe is there is a constant battle of good and evil going on in our world. Just as when God fought this battle with the devil and had St. Michael and other Angels as his "soldiers", we have present day angels always in our midst helping us. We must recognize though; the evil forces are always trying to find ways to damage our spirit and our beliefs-ergo, the news media whose existence is based on self serving production of information; sometimes true-sometimes not true, to extract as much shock value and negativity as can be had. I was a law enforcement officer for a period of 52 years and over the course of those years I saw Guardian Angels in action on numerous occassions. I feel I was the recipient of their actions on more than one occasion. I have been blessed to have survived my role in this never ending battle. Do I believe in Guardian Angels-without question-ABSOLUTELY!!! Jim stated in his article that he could not prove there were Guardian Angels-I would ask the questioning news media-can you prove there are not? God Bless.

Angels article

Posted on : Jan 23 at 1:47 PM By Dale Higgins

Good article. Wonder if the "media" who "blistered the F.B.I. agent,have ever been in harm's way.

Although i have never seen air, i know it exists.

Although i have never seen a guardian angel, it/they have saved me many times.

Angels article

Posted on : Jan 23 at 12:57 PM By Dale

Angels article
By Dale

Great article!I wonder if the "media" that "blistered" the F.B.I. agent,have ever been in harms way.

Although i have never seen a guardian angel, i know they exist.

Although i have never seen air, i know it exists.

Although i have never seen a guardian angel, i beleieve they/it, have saved me many times.

Angels article

Posted on : Jan 21 at 10:35 PM By Doug

Great article. Most often the religious beliefs that officers have, regardless of which religion, help them through the many traumatic circumstances we encounter every day on the job.

Just FYI. The Mormons are Christians. The real name of their church is, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Angels article

Posted on : Jan 11 at 5:17 PM By Chief McBride

Nice article Chief, I suspect many officers killed in the line of duty are reassigned as guardian angels here. Keep up the good work and thank you again for the angel pin. I wear it on my vest and am sure that "beautiful angel" is watching over me. Tom

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