Mophie Juice Pack Pro

"mophie™ juice pack PRO adds power, protection."

The mophie™ juice pack PRO is a protective case for your iPhone 4/4S that is also an auxiliary battery pack. It can be used to power your iPhone just by flipping a switch. The mophie PRO extends the iPhone’s battery life by 150 percent and offers impact protection and dust and sand penetration protection based on U.S military standards.

If you are a police officer in need of extra protection for your iPhone, and have often come across instances where you really needed more battery power, but there was nowhere to charge your iPhone at the time, this battery pack is for you.

Police officers spend most of their time out on the street answering calls and patrolling their beats. They don’t have offices with computers to charge their phones and they can’t really rely on their mobile offices as cell-phone charging stations. And what about the days they’re stuck at work for more than one shift, or when they’re on a special detail like the recent G8 Summit in Chicago or the political conventions in Charlotte and Tampa.

Your job is to handle emergencies, so shouldn’t your cell phone be able to have an extended battery life to keep up with your job? Also, there are many useful apps today for the iPhone for police offers (see “Top Police Apps for the iPhone, LAW and ORDER, July 2012) that it makes sense for police officers with iPhones to have extra juice for their battery.

The $129 cost is worth it based on the impressive results after only one month of use. The testing involved moderate daily use of the iPhone. When using the mophie juice pack PRO to charge the iPhone when needed, the batteries lasted 58 hours one time, 57 hours another time, and 63 hours yet another time without having to charge the phone with a cable/outlet.

Think power supply and extra batteries during times of natural or man-made disaster. Think extended tactical ops with no power source. You want this Mil-Spec auxiliary battery pack for the iPhone in your patrol go-bag or tactical load bearing vest. The mophie juice pack PRO works with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

The mophie juice pack PRO comes as a five piece kit: 1) the back cover, which includes the auxiliary battery; 2) the front snap-on cover, which includes a full protective screen; 3) the lower standby switch and connector; 4) the rubber protective case, which wraps over the entire first layer of the case; and 5) the 360 degree rotating belt clip.

mophie claims juice pack PRO extends the iPhone’s battery life by 150 percent…and it absolutely does. While the company says it takes 2.5 to 3.5 hours to charge the battery to maximum power, it takes more like five hours to fully charge it.

mophie juice pack PRO has four LEDs on the bottom that show how much power is left in the mophie’s auxiliary battery. The juice pack PRO has a “stand-by” switch so you can decide when to charge your iPhone’s battery and how much you want to charge it. Sometimes you may want a full charge and other times maybe you just need a short charge to help you make it until you can get to a 110-volt home/business or 12-volt vehicle iPhone charger.

The mophie PRO extends the iPhone’s battery by 150 percent. It can completely charge the iPhone’s battery and still have power left to charge the battery a little more should you need it before getting to a wall charger. Each time, the mophie’s power indicator still showed two out of four lights left after fully charging the iPhone battery.

The mophie juice pack PRO is an auxiliary battery, but it is also a super-rugged protective case. It meets Mil-Spec 810-G for Vibration & Shock, Splash & Rain, Sand & Dust and Impact & Drops. Putting the cover to the test, and the precious iPhone at risk, it was dropped on a concrete floor from a height of 6 feet several times. The mophie PRO case kept it completely protected and it was not damaged. The mophie PRO is water resistant, but not waterproof.

Charging the iPhone with the mophie juice pack PRO is done by connecting a power source using the USB cable that comes with the kit to the mophie juice pack PRO. (The mophie standby switch and outer cover plug into the iPhone’s normal USB battery cable port.) The USB cable can be plugged into your computer or any iPhone wall plug power source with a USB port. The charging software is set up to first charge the iPhone’s battery, and when it is fully charged, to then charge the mophie’s auxiliary battery.

With the mophie PRO micro USB cable you can charge and sync your iPhone to iTunes without removing it from the mophie case. The mophie juice pack PRO is rechargeable for more than full 500 cycles.

While bulky, the mophie PRO doesn’t block the speaker, microphone or either camera, nor the antenna or the GPS. The mophie-equipped iPhone was used in an area where the iPhone only ever shows one or two bars. The mophie-wrapped iPhone showed the same signal strength…no interference from the battery-packed protective case.

Nor does the protective case interfere in any way with the use of the iPhone. The touchscreen is still comfortably accessible and the scrolling/touch feature isn’t affected at all. Calls are still clear and the speaker phone is still clear. According to mophie, the case incorporates enhanced audio ports that are ported and protected with a water-tight material. True! While listening to music via the iPhone’s speakers, in fact, the sound was a bit louder than normal.

The mophie juice pack PRO protects your iPhone and it extends the battery life by 150 percent. Yes, at $129, the mophie juice pack PRO is pricey. Yes, other battery power pack iPhone cases cost less than $100. However, they don’t offer tactical levels of impact and environment protection. For less demanding situations, or for less bulky packs, mophie also offers other iPhone 4/4S battery pack cases in a variety of colors for $80 to $100.

Yesenia Salcedo is a Chicago-based writer and former managing editor of LAW and ORDER and Tactical Response magazines. She may be reached at

Published in Law and Order, Nov 2012

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