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"A new era in mobile phone forensics."


Cellebrite’s UFED Ultimate is a portable hand-held data analyzer that incorporates hardware and software in a user-friendly device that you can plug into a smart phone to recover data instantly.  It even allows the extraction of deleted data, hidden data, encrypted data, the phone user lock code, and even data from past SIM cards used with the phone.

When used as a means to gather evidence on a suspect by law enforcement, smart phones are treasure troves of data if you know where to look. However, it’s not always clear what data is important in a cell phone. Also, some criminals are savvy enough to regularly delete any incriminating evidence off of their phones. So, being able to extract deleted data is particularly valuable. Deleted data that can be recovered include messages, images, videos, calls history and contacts.

UFED Ultimate allows for instant on-the-scene data recovery. Of course, each state has its laws on what you can search and how you can search it depending on where or how you have a suspect held at the time. If you are able to search your smart phone at the scene because the law allows it, or if you are granted permission by the owner, this device allows for you to get that data you’re looking for instantly. Or, it can be used to gather evidence once a suspect is arrested. 

UFED Ultimate works on a wide variety of mobile smart phones: Apple iOS iPhones, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm phones. It also works for GPS devices. UFED Ultimate is available in a standard or ruggedized edition.

The UFED Device kit includes more than 75 data cables for all supported phones and a cable organizer, Bluetooth, an USB flash drive for saving examination data; a 15V AC power supply plug, a 12V in-vehicle (cigarette lighter) power adapter, built-in SIM card reader, and UFED Physical Analyzer software.

The UFED Physical Analyzer
UFED Ultimate includes analyzing capabilities, including UFED Physical Analyzer, an extraction, decoding and analysis tool. The Physical Analyzer enables USB mass-storage devices extraction and decoding for the iPhone (original), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4 CDMA, iPad 1, iPod Touch 3G and iPod Touch 4G, as well as all major GPS portable devices.

Also, you can get real-time decryption to interpret encrypted data from devices running iOS4 and iOS 5. Decryption can be performed on-the-fly, obtaining access to files, keychain password database and application content. The device also can access e-mail content, account usernames and passwords. Another key feature is that locations and routes can be viewed in Google Earth and Google Maps.

The UFED Physical Analyzer includes enhanced decoding, enabling support for multiple data types, including chat, e-mail, Web bookmarks (favorites), Web history, SIM data, cookies, notes, MMS, instant messages, Bluetooth devices, locations, journeys, GPS Fixes, call logs, text messages and contacts. It offers the ability to search based on several parameters either as an open text or based on specific parameters. You can view communications between sources in date and time order.

Another feature is that it can generate customized reports in different formats such as PDF, HTML, XML and Excel. The reports can be customized to look a certain way based on user preference and according to case related content. The information is displayed in a clear report.

Cellebrite offers a free trial of its UFED Physical Analyzer. Call the company for pricing.

Recently, Cellebrite has taken another step to assisting law enforcement in their effort at extracting data when necessary. The company’s latest offering, Cellebrite Touch, is a touch-screen device that brings new capabilities to / for point-of-sale/retail.

Cellebrite Touch offers phone-to-phone content transfer, backup and restore, diagnostics, instant delivery of apps and content, and analytics to manage and monitor multiple stores.

It provides extraction methods to support more than 7,900 profiles for mobile devices including BlackBerry, iOS, Android operating systems, and smart phones from Samsung, Motorola, Microsoft, Palm and Nokia, legacy phones, portable GPS devices and handheld tablets. 

With an exclusive compact form factor and 7-inch touchscreen, Cellebrite Touch now allows legally authorized investigative bodies to extract, decode and analyze data from mobile devices faster than ever before.

Yesenia Salcedo is a Chicago-based writer and the former Managing Editor of LAW and ORDER, Police Fleet Manager and Tactical Response Magazines. She can be reached at senny_x@yahoo.com.

Published in Law and Order, Nov 2012

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