EF Johnson's Viking VP600 Radio

Smarter engineering makes the Viking™ VP600 portable radio from EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. a reliable option for first responders that is easy to operate. EF Johnson listened to their end-users and created a rugged radio that offers effortless communications in even the most hazardous environments. With P25 Phase 2 capabilities, superior audio and advanced visual features, the Viking VP600 is a value-packed, high-quality option for first responders.

EF Johnson Technologies unveiled the new Viking VP600 portable radio at IWCE 2012. Designed for outstanding mission critical performance, ruggedness and reliability, the Viking VP600 represents the next generation of EFJohnson’s portable radios serving the needs of police, fire, EMS and other mission critical users.

“The Viking VP600 was designed based on feedback from end-users, enabling our engineers to create a value-packed, high-quality radio that specifically addresses the needs of first responders,” said Andrew Adams, president and CEO of EF Johnson Technologies, Inc. “We are excited to introduce our new radio and look forward to continuously developing reliable next generation products for our customers.”

The VP600’s advanced audio and visual features, such as the top display with backlighting, a one-watt speaker for loud and clear sound, and the AMBE+2 vocoder to eliminate background noise, make communication seamless even in the most demanding environments. 

In addition, the Viking VP600 is compatible with Project 25 (P25) Phase 2, the suite of industry standards enabling operators to communicate with other agencies or teams across city, state and county lines regardless of the equipment brand used by each group. Phase 2 of P25 increases the number of conversations shared on the same radio channel through the use of the time division multiple access (TDMA) scheme.

Features include: Top display maximizes viewing while in hip holster; Backlit displays with controllable settings increase visibility in all lighting conditions; Equipped with multiple visual indicators including battery level and signal strength to check status at a glance; Ergonomic knobs for easier operation with gloves; Meets applicable MIL Standard 810G specs; Immersion rating (IP67); High-performance speaker provides 1W rated audio for loud and clear sound across various noise environments; State-of-the-art AMBE+2 version 1.6 vocoder using TIA’s latest standards; P25 Phase 2 capability; and Up to 1024 channels.

The Viking VP600 also includes trunked and conventional system protocols and Over-the-Air rekeying (OTAR) functionality. Additional features include: Text messaging for P25 Conventional; Supports narrowband (12.5 kHz) & wideband (25 kHz) channel spacing with multiple system protocols; Industry-standard encryption capabilities such as AES and DES-OFB; Voice announcement; Armada™ programming software provides ultimate operator flexibility and configurability in managing radio fleet.

Multi-Protocol / Multi-Mode Capability makes the Viking compatible with Motorola® System v 7.x, Motorola Astro® and SMARTNET® II/SmartZone®. It also has MDC-1200 and GE-Star signaling. The VP 600 comes with a complete line of accessories including speaker mics, cases, batteries, antennas and chargers. It is also compatible with ES series accessories from EF Johnson.

Published in Law and Order, Jul 2012

Rating : 9.5

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viking vp600

Posted on : Aug 3 at 3:06 PM By joey hanson

need to learn how to set radio to scan could use some Help

viking vp600

Posted on : Aug 3 at 3:06 PM By joey hanson

need to learn how to set radio to scan could use some Help

EF Johnson Viking Federal VP600 UHFR1

Posted on : Sep 19 at 1:25 PM By Jason Roberson

Just picked up 37 of these EF Johnson Viking radios in the Federal VP600 UHFR1 version and they work just as good as the Motorola APX6000 radios that some other guys have. They seem to be more solid and better build over all and very clear when transmitting and receiving. I'm pleased over all so far.

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