From the IACP: Latest in Lightbars

The variety of lightbars available on today’s market offers just about any of the options needed for both driver and public safety.  Here are the latest products from the lightbar industry’s leaders on display at the 2011 IACP Conference.

 Code 3– Public Safety Equipment

The “RX2700CC MC” is a multi-color capable lightbar (red/blue, red/white, red/amber, blue/amber) using the latest LED dual color technology to product intense color 20 percent brighter than standard, according to the manufacturer.  Two full signals can emit from one lighthead so there is no compromising of signal strengths and size.  The red/blue lighthead can be turned into a white takedown light, providing increased takedown lighting at no additional cost, and with no loss of emergency warning light positions. 

One-touch setting and changing is offered in the flash patterns, along with an LED dimming feature, corner cruise lights, and flasher/steady burn for takedown and alley lights.  The multi-color unit uses 22 LED PriZm lightheads in each corner position, and 22 LED or 16 LED directional PriZm II lightheads in front and rear positions.  The single color design features red, blue, white, amber or green LEDs with 12 LED PriZm II lightheads in each corner position, and 12 LED, 8 LED, or 3 LED directional PriZm II lights in front and rear positions. 

The standard 21TR, and the 21 TR-EU feature the qualities the 2100 series offers, along with new Torus LED technology corner and directional lightheads with directional and off-angle performance capabilities.  This is a basic lightbar, but considered by the manufacturer to be the brightest on the current market.   The 21TR includes 3-up and 4-up directional Torus lightheads and 6-up corners, and has 35W halogen or LED takedown and alley lights available. 

Flashing takedown and alley lights are available with an optional 940 flasher (halogen or LED).  The basic central controller offers 12 flash patterns and a dimming mode.  There is a 5-year warranty on the LED modules.   Light colors include red, blue, amber or black top lenses.

The 21TR Plus has full features along with a central controller feature and option, and NarrowStik, flashing takedown and alley lights, and corner cruise lights.  The lightbar is customizable with Torus directional and corner lightheads.  All options and build-your-own capabilities are available.  There are 35W halogen or LED takedown and alley lights, or flashing LED lights.  The central controller offers 23 flash patterns and dimming mode.  Light colors include red, blue, amber or black top lenses.

The “SuperVisor with Torus” is a custom fit, windshield-mounted interior lighting system designed to keep a vehicle undercover until the lighting system is energized.  The unit’s special housing prevents the lights from reflecting back into the driver’s eyes.  Easily installed and requiring no drilling to mount the system in place, the lightheads can be independently wired to emit a variety of flash patterns.  Directional Torus lightheads in red, blue, amber and/or white are available.

Federal Signal

The Vision ® SLR is Federal Signal’s newly-redesigned lightbar to emphasize safety.  Its non-linear shape and rotating reflector give 360-degrees of light output, unlike a conventional linear lightbar.  The Vision SLR features SpectraLux ™ multicolor LED lights and allows for a single light source to change combinations of red, blue, amber or white. 

Two of the LEDs project light upward for easy aerial location of the police vehicle.  A plug and play connector reduces the need for extensive wiring, and pod replacement is simplified so that the lightbar does not need to be removed from the vehicle for most servicing.  There is a five-year warranty on LED components.

The Valor™ lightbar is designed for low profile appearance and is non-linear.  It projects 360-degrees of light output and off-axis lighting at the critical intersection points.  LED reflector technology is used to maximize the LED light performance.   Additional LED alley and takedown lights can be included. 

Using SpectraLux ™ multicolor LED technology allows changing color combinations in amber, blue red or white.  Plug and play installation and programming, and simple disconnect features keep the unit easy to install and service. 

Rontan Signal

Rontan North America features “Wide-E-Tech” and Quasar Technology in their lightbars, which use advanced, digital protocols to offer various features and options, and to produce a product that uses fewer wires and connectors.  Flash patterns, front and rear cut-offs, cruise features and directional capabilities are all standard in the Wide-E-Tech lightbars.

The new Attack Lightbar uses “Quasar Light Technology” and offers bright and intense LED lighting.  High intensity light output offers maximum visibility and emergency warning power.  The design is low profile and compact, and has a sealed, waterproof exterior.  The lightbar is engineered to have limited wind drag.  There are LED takedown and alley lights, and the unit can synchronize with additional Quasar Technology light heads. 

The Maximum Super Takedown is the company’s newest lightbar using “Wide-E-Tech” system technology.  Extremely bright LEDs offer extra safety and security.  When the Super Takedown feature is not active, the lightbar functions normally.  Easy programming and installation, and low amperage draw are featured.  The programming is completed through firmware, not hardware so only two wires are needed to control the lights.  The unit is 100 percent digital, and has optional internal alley LED lights.  Offering 360-degree visibility, off-axis warning light coverage, and an aerodynamic shape, the unit is considered by the manufacturer to offer greater operational efficiency.

The Maximum Extreme Off-Axis lightbar uses Wide-E-Tech technology and offers lightbar corner light heads positioned to allow greater off-axis visibility.  Standard features include all LED takedown and alley lights, built-in directional stick capabilities, cruise lights dimming feature, intersection flash pattern capability, front/rear cutoffs and easy programming and installation.  Two wires control the lights and reduce the need for bulky wiring harnesses in the vehicle. 

The Winglux Extreme Off-Axis lightbar uses Wide-E-Tech technology and has LED takedown and alley lights, built-in directional stick capabilities, cruise lights, dimming feature, and special intersection flash-pattern capability, front/rear cutoffs and two-wire connection.  Its one-piece, translucent polycarbonate dome resists UV damage and is mounted on an extruded aluminum and ABS base to maximize light output.  The manufacturer states that the unit’s non-linear design offers enhanced visibility at all angles.

SoundOff Signal

The Apex LED Lightbar is a thin, aerodynamic, wing- shaped lightbar available in clear, amber, blue or red lenses.  The striated lenses bend the light in both directions for enhanced, off-angle output that increases visibility.  Options include LED alley, work light and takedown lights to offer 180-degrees of light.  A five-year warranty is included.   A low profile mounting bracket is available. 

Inboard modules have 6 LEDs, corner modules have 24 total LEDs, takedown/work light modules have 6 LEDs, and alley lights feature 4 white LEDs angled to provide advanced side viewing.  End caps feature “Fusion Technology” optics.   The unit’s “Scene Light” option combines takedown lights with alley lights for 180 degrees of white LED scene lighting.   The lightbar is available in seven lengths, ranging from 36 inches to 76 inches.

Since angles pose particular problems at intersections, and because most emergency vehicle lighting is oriented front and rear, mirror-mounted warning lights are gaining favor.  SoundOff Signal has a unique mirror-mounted light named the Intersector™ LED Light.  

The way in which it mounts and the angle of coverage give 180 degrees of lighting, something that the manufacturer says is not offered by any other competing product.  The light gives warning at the 45-degree intersection angle and to the front, sides and rear oblique.  When mounted on the mirror, such coverage could eliminate the need for sideways, B-pillar lights. 

The simplified installation does not require working around or behind mirror glass and the unit can work with almost any vehicle mirror (including ATVs and motorcycles) through a unique “building block” design of adaptors and leveling wedges.  It offers 30 flash patterns that can be synchronized with other SoundOff LED lights, and it has a low power, steady-burn cruise light mode.  The unit is covered by a five-year warranty.  

Star Headlight SVP

The Star Laser® lightbar is a low-profile, modular design unit featuring sculptured contours and the ability for each module to be interchangeable with other modular heads for multiple custom configurations.  The company’s “ISO-VIBE” modular head design gives circuitry protection.  Fully plug and play, the unit has fail-safe operation by using independent driver circuits for each head to allow for synchronization of heads in simultaneous or alternating mode and flash patterns. 

LED module colors are amber, blue, green, red and white, and the end position of the lightbar can also be a color warning light.  The standard mounting kit is included.  End facing modular heads contain two corner positions and one alley light position.  Corner positions can be customized to any combination of modular heads. 

Weatherproof seals and stainless steel fasteners enhance the exterior construction and the company proudly asserts that its units are made in the USA. The unit is available in lengths from 22 inches to 58 inches and all are 2 5/8 inches tall and 12 ¼ inches wide. 

Tomar Electronics

For low profile and unmarked vehicles, Tomar offers concealed LEDs for warning light performance.  The compact LED lamp assembly is custom mounted in headlight and taillight composite housings and features high intensity LED lamps and waterproof, in-line control modules.  Each module is independently controlled, and is capable of multiple flash patterns.  The lights are available in white, red blue and amber.  A five-year warranty applies.

Tomar’s new 970L Scorpion Low-Profile lightbar is similar to the existing 930/950 series, but has a much lower profile that uses the latest in optics and LED components.  The unit features extruded aluminum for the housing, cast aluminum end caps and optical Lexan light modules, and is offered in 3 or 6 LED front and rear warning modules, 6 or 12 LED corner modules and either halogen or LED takedown and alley lights. 

Fully programmable flash patterns are possible.  A five-year warranty applies.  The Mini Scorpion version features the same components but is 21 inches.  The 970L Scorpion model is available in 26-, 35-, 44-, 49-, 53-, 58- and 67-inch lengths.     

Whelen Engineering

The all Linear-LED® lightbar features the next generation of ultra bright and wide angle Super-LED™ technology in a warning package with long operation and low current draw.  All LFL Liberty and Ultra Freedom lightbars in the series have the same modular construction.  The LFL Liberty is offered in a basic four-corner model, then up to 12 directional modules can be added for a total of 16 Super-LED ™ modules. 

Optional halogen takedown and alley lights are available along with optional 5 or 6 lamp Traffic Advisor ™ lights with ultra high intensity Super-LED modules.  ScanLock ™ allows scanning though 21 flash patterns and locking in of the desired pattern.  Each pair of lights can have its own unique pattern.            

The Freedom ™ II FC Series has extended corner modules plus independent control of upper and lower levels of each split color lighthead.  Available in red, blue, amber and/or white split combination or single color LEDs, the lightbars have low current switching with multiple flash patterns and passenger side cable exit.  There is a 70 percent lower amp draw over comparable strobe models.  Up to 12 wide angle, liner Super-LED directional modules can be added, for a total of sixteen. 

The lightbars can be configured in any color combination with takedown and LED modules in any position needed for the vehicle.  Optional flashing and/or steady halogen takedown or alley lights are available.  The Scan-Lock™ flash pattern control allows toggling through the multiple flash patterns.  Each pair of lights can have its own unique pattern. 

Stephenie Slahor, Ph.D., J.D., writes in the fields of law enforcement and security. She can be reached at

Published in Law and Order, Feb 2012

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