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The needs for apparel that will hold up to the rigors of training and working in the tactical environment are constant. Everyone is looking for something that meets specific needs, and the government issue BDU pant does not fit everyone’s mission profile. Recognizing the need for such gear, SigTac has introduced a line of tactical apparel.

SigTac Tactical Pant

The tactical pant is a heavy cotton pant with 2% spandex. The fabric is in an open waffles weave, which assists with airflow and comfort in hot weather. The pants have a reinforced crouch to take stretching and moving during physical training such as ground-fighting. The waist has elastic in it to stretch and make fitting more comfortable, especially for the user who carries a handgun inside the waistband. The elastic allows one to have pants that accommodate the gun, but not look like a kid trying on dad’s pants when without the gun.

The pants are cut looser in the thighs and knee area than some other pants on the market, allowing for a comfortable range of motion during training. The leg cuff comes with drawstrings to allow blousing or tying down the cuffs. These are also removable if desired by the user.

Of course, any tactical pant has to have equipment or cargo capacity and the SigTac pant accommodates those needs. The SigTac pants have two front slash pockets that are cut deep and wide, allowing access even while wearing a duty belt. The pant comes with a small plastic d-ring sewn into one of the front belt loops for attaching items such as keys.

The cargo pockets have a flap cover with metal snap button closures for top access. Inside the cargo pockets is an open top magazine pouch. This pouch is sized to fit a variety of pistol size magazines; filler, such as foam, can be used to adjust the height of the magazine as it sits in the pocket. The cargo pockets have zipper access on the side of the pocket as well. This allows access to items in the pocket from a seated position or any position where the top flap is not accessible. The pant also has two rear pants with flap closures using plastic button closures.

The pants also come with removable kneepads; they use the same material as the pants with cotton filler. The kneepads are wide and square protecting the whole knee and allowing coverage of the knee during a variety of movement. The only downside to the kneepad is the weight and bulk added to the pant, which is significant with square pad design. The tradeoff between protection and weight is a constant factor that users must consider, and the use of the kneepads is certainly a part of that equation.

The pants were worn during a defensive tactics session, an EVOC course, and an active shooter Simunition® exercise. All three were done in hot, humid weather. The pants were comfortable even in the hot weather and provided a professional look for instructor presentation. The SigTac Tactical Pants are available in khaki, midnight navy, and subdued olive.

SigTac Polo

There is always a need for professional looking polo’s for training, class B uniform type assignments, and more. SigTac uses 65/35 cotton/poly blend with Dr Dry® moisture management fabric in their polo’s. This addresses the main concern with polo’s, having a professional looking polo that is breathable and cool enough to wear for long durations. SigTac also uses underarm gussets with air exchange ports to keep the user cool. The gussets also assist in reinforcing the armpit area and allowing a greater range of motion.

The Tactical polo uses a three-button placket for closure. The shirt has tabs with an internal pocket for securing radio handsets on each shoulder and each arm has pen pockets. The pen pockets are great especially for instructors scoring on the range or the EVOC course.

The Tactical polo has been through the washing machine a few times and has not faded, shrunk, or lost its shape. The tactical polo, available in white and blue, wears well in hot, humid weather and was comfortable in DT training.

SigTac Marksman Shirt

The Marksman Shirt is designed for the rifle shooter, providing a long sleeve protective shirt. The Marksman use the same 98/2-cotton/spandex blends and weaves as the tactical pant to give a functional uniform look. The Marksman shirt has removable elbow pads made of the same material as the kneepad in the tactical pant; these are handy if you are doing a lot of prone shooting. The elbow pad can be removed to roll the sleeve up above the elbow where they can be buttoned down.

The right shoulder and chest area have a shooting patch overlay to support rifle shooting through a long day. On the left side of the shirt is a breast pocket, and on the left sleeve are two pen pockets. Hidden buttons give the collars a more upright appearance. The shirt has ventilated underarm gussets for comfort.

SigTac uses a back panel cut called the Double Action Back to give the shirt a better range of motion. It has two large gussets in the back and smaller gussets at the back of the armpit/shoulder area. This provides a better range of motion in the back and upper arms, which is again, excellent for prone rifle shooting.

The Marksman is a very good rifle-training shirt, though the elbow pads can get a little hot. If you are doing a lot of prone shooting on anything other than grass it is worth having the elbow pads. The Marksman is available in midnight navy, khaki, and subdued olive.

SigTac Tactical Vest

The tactical vest is an item that has become more popular. Initially, the idea of the vest for shooters was as a light weight cover garment to conceal a firearm. The notch of the vest having more equipment management and load bearing properties has increased as the use of the vest became popular for those working in a high threat environment as a form of subtle load bearing gear.

The SigTac tactical vest uses a 98/2 cotton/spandex blend material, the same as the pants. It has a mesh-lined upper back to give some ventilation in hot weather. The vest has a total of 13 pockets to organize equipment, magazines, and ammunition. The vest has two pockets on the right side that will hold two 30 round magazines each and have Velcro closures. These pockets are stacked on top of a general use pocket with side access.

Above these pockets are two smaller pockets both with Velcro closures. On the left side of the vest is a large pocket with a flap with Velcro closure; inside it are four elastic loops capable of holding pistol magazines or shotgun rounds. This is also stacked on top of a general use pocket with side access. Above it are two smaller pockets, one with a zipper closure and one with a snap button closure. Inside the vest there are two large pockets with Velcro closures on either side.

On the inside of the back of the vest are two medium size pockets stacked together, one with a zipper and one with Velcro closure. These two pockets are good for stowing documents or a small medical kit. One should be able to organize a kit for any assignment with this vest given the number and layout of the pockets. The front of the vest can be closed fully by a zipper or use of a single tab with a snap for partial closure. The partial closure allows for access to weapons or equipment on a belt while maintaining some concealment. The sides of the vest can be zipped open to allow better access to a firearm or radio. The tactical vest is available in midnight navy, khaki, and subdued olive.

SigTac offers another quality set of products for the professional consumer to choose. There are other items in the SigTac clothing line that were not reviewed here due to availability, time, and space. With these being SigTac’s first offering, the future looks bright for those in need of professional clothing.

Myrick Williams is a patrol officer, SWAT team member, and defensive tactics instructor with the Bloomington, IN Police. He can be reached at

Published in Law and Order, Oct 2005

Rating : 8.0

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