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3D Crime Reconstruction

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3rdTech’s DeltaSphere 3D Laser Scanner captures millions of measurements and dozens of photographs of crimes scenes in minutes. The system includes SceneVision-3D Visualization and Analysis Software – the industry’s most advanced tool for data capture, viewing, processing, measuring, analysis, and presentation of simple measurement diagrams and photorealistic, 3D computer graphics models of a crime scene. The DeltaSphere Scanner and SceneVision-3D software are a complete solution.

Microsurvey Software Inc

The MapScenes System is designed to provide professional investigators with the power tools to capture data quickly and precisely at a scene, and then, visually communicate the output of their investigation in accurate and compelling diagrams under the highest scrutiny. The MapScenes System includes evidence collection software and hardware for the scene, forensic mapping software for the office and full 3-D animation and point cloud data processing software for dramatic scene recreations.
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