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Seven Habits of Strategic Fleet Managers

Michno, Marcin

In today’s work environment, where most fleet managers have responsibility for multiple functions, it’s easy to get bogged down in day-to-day, tactical issues. Successful fleets usually have a manager who thinks and acts strategically to enhance fleet performance. Read More

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Mobility Brings Real-Time Visibility to the Scene

Kottoor, Alex

Here is a rundown on the benefits of mobile devices and how they can better inform public safety agencies to know more efficiently what is happening right now in the field. Read More

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What to Look for in Public Safety Software

Kathy Marks

Law enforcement administrators must know what is available in public safety software. Read More

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Data-Driven Law Enforcement

Dale Stockton

Information is power. With the need to do more with less, we cannot do police work the old fashioned way. Here are some tips to move your department toward more effective data usage. Read More

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