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Richland County Sheriff Stops the Clock on Crime with Rapid DNA Instrument

Wood, Cynthia Ahart

Richland County Sheriff Stops the Clock on Crime with Rapid DNA Instrument Read More

    Not Rated  /  542 Views  /  0 Comments

Zco PublicEye

Duran, Yesenia

The tool for a world where public safety runs on phones, tablets and wearables Read More

    Not Rated  /  2401 Views  /  0 Comments

In-Service Physical Testing

Smith, Jay, Spottswood, Phillip

Law enforcement typically requires physical testing prior to the academy, and then again to graduate from the academy. It is becoming more difficult to argue that ongoing, in-service testing is not a requirement. Read More

    Not Rated  /  309 Views  /  1 Comments

Ford Telematics for Law Enforcement, Part 2

Michael Blackmer

The leading killer of U.S. law enforcement officers isn’t guns. Instead, it is police car crashes and other vehicular incidents. Ford Telematics Powered by Telogis - Law Enforcement Edition is one solution to preventing these fatalities. Read More

    Not Rated  /  189 Views  /  0 Comments

Trends in Defensive Tactics

Smith, Jay

The application of force as an essential job task, and use-of-force training as an agency prerogative, represent some of the most daunting responsibilities incumbent upon law enforcement. A number of subject matter experts discuss the trends, myths, court rulings, and legal liability on fitness and law enforcement. Read More

    9.0 Rating  /  249 Views  /  0 Comments

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