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Fight with Light

Donaldson, Charles

Assume the bad guy is at least as intelligent, determined and motivated as you are. Many have been in prison where they practice new tactics. Using light against us is one of them. That makes our ability to aggressively use high-intensity light all the more important. Read More

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Use the Tourniquet

Foreman, Chris

You can bleed out from an extremity wound in about five minutes. Backup may not arrive in time. It is up to you to stop the bleeding. You need a tourniquet. You need one that can be applied using only one hand. You need to practice using it. Read More

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Gerber Propel Series Ttactical Folders

Eugene Nielsen

The new Propel Series includes auto opening and assisted opening methods; plunge lock designs; 420HC and S30V blade steels; textured G10 handles and ambidextrous pocket clips. Read More

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Gerber Lights and Blades

Law and Order Staff

Problem-solving, life-saving gear Read More

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New Illumination Tools from Streamlight

Tactical Response Staff

For 2014, Streamlight introduced a number of new, more powerful handheld, weapon and area lights. They are clearly explaining candela reach versus lumen brightness. Read More

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