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Advanced Materials Laboratories Inc

Manufacturer of Protectojet Model 5 teargas ejector and accessories. Contains CS or CN or OC Solvent or OC Water Based fog formulations. Will affect a large group of aggressors within few seconds, from up to 60 yards in still air.

Aerko International

Manufacturers of Aerosol Chemical Weapons. Product names are as follows; Clearout, PunchII, Freeze+P, DeepPunchII, DeepFreeze. Our products are available in 1/2oz size all the way to 16oz size.

Aerko International

Manufacturer of Freeze+P, PunchII, Clearout

ALS Technologies Inc

Full line manufacturer of less lethal munitions. Product lines include 12 gauge, 37/40 mm, and hand thrown devices. We provide specialty impact, chemical, smoke, diversionary devices, stun munitions, OC Aerosols, and much more. We have several training courses, including a factory certification for less lethal. Also, ask how ALS can provide you with most, if not all, your law enforcement supply needs!


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Combined Systems Inc

No Company Description Available

Defense Technology

Less Lethal

Guardian Protective Devices Inc

Guardian Brand Pepper Spray.Proven to be the best in a blind test by the USA Military. Recieved a Commendation from the US Army after in field use (Iraq). Pricision Tools for the Professional: Law Enforcement, Military, DoD, Government Agencies and Corporate Security. Also we provide training. Tested in the harshest environments on the most hardened criminals in the world. Many talk the talk, The Guardian walks the walks

Mace Security International

No Company Description Available

PepperBall Technologies Inc

Develops, manufactures, and distributes less-lethal weapons for military, government, law enforcement...

Personal Safety Corporation

Manufacturer of highest quality 1.33% and 1.0% capsaicinoid pepper spray sold directly to law enforcement agencies. See web site for testimonials. Lowest prices...backed by a 115% low price guarantee. Non-flammable formula safe to use with Tasers. Choice of slpatter stream, fog or foam in flip-top or cop-top...all at the same price! Fog grenades and duty whistles also avaialble. Free samples available to qualified law enforcement agencies. Call toll-free 888.843.6488 for details.

Security Equipment Corporation

Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975, Security Equipment Corporation manufactuerer of SABRE products is the leading worldwide manufacturer of pepper sprays. Security Equipment is family owned and operated, has obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification, and is an EPA establishment and Health Canada establishment.

Spitfire Ltd

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Tactical & Survival Specialties Inc

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TigerLight Inc

TigerLight, Inc. is headquartered in Heber City, Utah. Sgt. Randy Teig invented the TigerLight® Non-Lethal Defense System flashlight while working the gang unit for a large Northwest police department. The TigerLight® was voted by to be the “World’s #1 rechargeable flashlight” and proved to be the most effective non-lethal weapon in the world in close-proximity violent encounters involving single or multiple subjects.
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