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Security Devices International

Security Devices International (SDI) is a defence technology company specializing in next generation non-lethal 40 mm ammunition. SDI brings together years of professionalism and experience of leading figures in its field. SDI’s Family of Blunt Impact Projectiles (BIP) provide an effective means of incapacitating subjects without causing lethal injury due to its unique design that uses collapsible head technology to mitigate kinetic energy, making it highly effective even at a very close range.

T4E / Umarex USA

T4E (Training For Engagement) manufactures air gun training markers that fire .43 caliber rubber balls, marking paint balls and powder balls. T4E products are ideal for close quarters, force on force and active shooter training. The T4E training markers are 1 to 1 licensed air gun replica's of actual firearms. For more information on the .43 caliber markers or to inquire about the 6mm airsoft training products visit

T4E / Umarex USA

T4E (Training for Engagement) manufactures air gun markers and airsoft guns ideal for close quarters, force on force and active shooter training using 43 caliber rubber balls, powder balls and paint balls. For more information on T4E products please visit "Train More! Spend Less!"
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