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Tactical Robotics for 2014

Stephenie Slahor

Here is a lineup of the some of the best tactical robotics for the law enforcement community, products that combine imagination and engineering to create the tools needed by first responders to carry out and enhance the work of search, inspection, safety and study. Read More

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Intrepid Networks STING Mobile App

Yesenia Salcedo

Designed for situational awareness in real time and to address communication issues during operations, the foundation of the suite is integrating officer positions and information gathering into a single mobile application. STING provides a live common operating picture for the entire response team to view. The app is suitable for SWAT, narcotics, vice, surveillance, mobile field force and advanced traffic/patrol units. STING can also benefit any integrated response team. Read More

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Thermal Imaging

Eugene Nielsen

Thermal Imaging Read More

    Not Rated  /  373 Views  /  0 Comments

An Inside Look

James Careless

Keep departments in the know with innovative real time surveillance modifications. Read More

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Video Forensic Tools

Kevin Gordon

Video analysis tools from Ocean Systems will literally change the way officers view video evidence. Read More

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