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CSI Mapping Inc

CSI Mapping


Digital In Car Video Systems

Lens Adapter

Lens Adapter manufactures the US patented (No. 5,053,794) LE-Adapter. The adapters have been designed to fit Telescopes, Spotting Scopes, Night Vision Scopes, Binoculars, Swatscopes and Microscopes to Digital, Film & Video Recording Devices.

Peca Products Inc

We manufacture products for cleaning rifle scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, camera lenses and all optical surfaces. In business more than 30 years. Lens cleaning tissue books, liquid lens cleaners and optical cleaning kits are made in our own facility located in Beloit, WI. Our scientific division manufactures specialized camera lens filters for the forensics industry for taking UV and IR photos.


Sirchie manufactures quality forensic science & criminal investigation products, builds customized special purpose vehicles and provides training. We offer products for evidence collection, latent fingerprints, casting, NARK® narcotics field testing, alternate light sources, RUVIS systems including the LABKAM®, magnifiers and comparators including FOCOS2®, DNA/custom kits and more. Vehicles include mobile crime labs, command centers, surveillance, SWAT/tactical, prisoner transport, and more.
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