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3D Crime Scene Scanner Camera Accessories Camera, general purpose Chemical Test Equipment Crime Scene Sketch Pads DNA Collection Device Evidence Labels, seals Evidence Lockers Evidence Packaging Finger, face, iris recognition technology Finger-based biometric identification Fingerprint Equipment Forensic Test Equipment Identification Narcotics Laboratory Equipment Laboratory Services, analytical Magnifiers Measuring Equipment, distance Microscopes Portable X-Ray Inspection Systems Software-Video Enhancement Tags, property Tape, barricade Tape, evidence Test Kits, alcohol Test Kits, forensic Test Kits, narcotic Test Kits, rape

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Biometrics: Mobile Iris Recognition

Susan Geoghegan

The most accurate of biometric modalities Read More

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BI2 Iris Scanning

Gonzales, Greg

BI2 Iris Scanning Read More

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Facial Recognition

Tim Dees

Facial Recognition Read More

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Facial Recognition Technology in Law Enforcement

Jim Weiss

Using facial recognition technology in a mobile setting, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office in Florida now has access to groundbreaking technology capable of saving lives by combating unknowns. Read More

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Spillman Imaging Technology

Tracy Hernandez

Find out more about Spillman's photo imaging module, a user-friendly, comprehensive application for downloading, capturing, searching, editing, organizing, and sharing digital images. Read More

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