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Tattoo Recognition Becomes Mainstream

Drummond, Iain

Tattoo recognition is more complex than facial recognition. A mugshot has predictable characteristics, so the software knows what to look for. However, with scars, marks, and particularly tattoos, nothing is predictable. Here is the first generally available system. Read More

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Top 12 Buying Tips for In-Car Video

Brad Brewer

Remember you are not just picking a vendor but a partner to help deliver your requirements today, a solution for the future. That needs to be a lasting partnership with a track-record proven vendor, and one that has the infrastructure and client base to be there in the future when you need them. Read More

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Fingerprint Forensics

McHenry, John, Gorn, Michael

The argument of “some other guy did it” is a common defense in the field of digital forensics since it is often not possible to determine who actually used the device. So the potential of a fingerprint association became all the more important. Read More

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New Genome Technology

Guerrieri, Rich

Can the “dead end” of unmatched crime-scene DNA samples actually be an opening to identify the physical characteristics of a suspect within the wider population? An NIJ grant allows research into new genome technology. Read More

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Cellebrite UFED (Universal Forensic Extraction Device)

Nazarian, Jeremy

The Pro & Field Series Read More

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