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John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Stephenie Slahor

The world-famous John Jay College of Criminal Justice has a wide variety of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree programs. In addition, there are various one-day and three-day courses in such topics as anti-terrorism and civil and criminal evidence standards. Read More

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Chaminade University

Stephenie Slahor

A partner with the Naval Postgraduate School Read More

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Lessons Learned in Evidence Management

Susan Geoghegan

Effective management of evidence is an integral part of any criminal investigation. Failure to properly collect, handle, and store evidence can lead to inadmissibility once a case is prosecuted. To ensure an unaltered chain of custody, agencies must establish policies and procedures and follow best practices. Read More

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Biometrics: Mobile Iris Recognition

Susan Geoghegan

The most accurate of biometric modalities Read More

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BI2 Iris Scanning

Gonzales, Greg

BI2 Iris Scanning Read More

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